Aug 15 2019

YouTube for the Hungry

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million. If so, then what better way to make someone hungry than a video? There are many interesting ways that businesses in the food industry can use YouTube as a marketing tool. (Totally unrelated: we may know someone who can help you create quality video content for your business as well *cough cough*.) Anywayyyy…


Tell a Story like McDonalds



In today’s world, consumers care about more than just the products or services a business offers. They want to know a company’s ethics, values, and story. If a person aligns with a company from a values perspective, that consumer is often more comfortable giving that company business. You may not know it, but McDonald’s does an amazing job giving back to its communities, and they share those efforts with their customers (and potential customers) through video. 


Be Friendly with the Food Critics like Local Adventurer



As mentioned in our previous post on marketing through Twitter, never underestimate the power of pairing your brand with another voice. This goes double for YouTube. For example, Local Adventurer makes videos about many things, including food spots and travel adventures. Since so many people prepare to travel to a new place by watching vlogs and food reviews on YouTube, inviting a Youtube personality to try out your restaurant and to share it through video is often a very worthwhile exercise – it’s akin to sending out invitations – or free samples – to a potentially massive audience of viewers. 


Show Them How like Porto’s Bakery & Cafe



You know the food is good if you go home and try to recreate it at home. Of course, it absolutely never tastes the same… but if you’re lucky, at least you can get close. Most restaurants keep their “special sauces” close to the vest, but others have taken the opposite route. For example, Porto’s Bakery & Cafe uses YouTube to share some of their kitchen secrets. This gives viewers a chance to interact with the brand in a deep, authentic way. If they nail it in their own kitchen, great! And if not, Porto’s is there to provide the real deal. Either way, this approach associates the brand with very positive traits: sharing, collaborative, generous, etc. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I am making cheese rolls tonight…


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