Mar 08 2018

Women in Marketing: Who Are They?

What a time to be a woman! Fortunately, the number of powerful women in marketing is increasingly high. They are the ones changing how the industry works and ultimately serving as influential leaders for the next generations to come. We are talking about fearless women, those who are reshaping the work environment and dictating the new rules. The future is looking bright for hard working and energetic ladies who are stepping up and proving their worth to the world, especially women in marketing.


Today is Women’s Day and we at [2 one 5] Creative would like to honor some of the most intelligent women in the marketing world. They come from different backgrounds and upbringings but they all share one common trait: determination. They came to stay and we could all learn a thing or too from them. Or ten.


1) Bozoma Saint John

Born in Connecticut, Bozoma worked for Spike Lee’s advertising agency, Spike DDB and PepsiCo’s marketing division. In 2014, Bozoma was the head of global consumer marketing for Apple music and Itunes, but it was June of 2017 that she became the chief brand officer at Uber. The company received negative criticism about the lack of diversity, and after that Bozoma was hired. Since then, she’s been working hard to keep Uber’s staff diverse.



2) Sarah Thompson

Thompson is the Global CEO of Droga5, a branding agency in New York City. She took a huge leap of faith, left her stable job, and joined the small start up in Droga5. She was recognized with the Advertising Women of New York’s Quantum Leap Award in 2012. Sarah told the NYTimes about her selfless leadership style, because for her is about improving your team as a whole, together. 




3) Katrina Craigwell

After working for General Electrics for 6 years, Katrina was promoted to Vice President of Global Marketing Innovation. She is not only a powerful force inside GE, being part of the company’s newest charge into VR, but also as being an advocate of women of color in the marketing industry. Cragiwell told Digiday her biggest advice on becoming a leader in the marketing industry: “you gotta show up”. 



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