Oct 09 2019

Why You NEED Video Production

You already know that video content should be a major part of your marketing strategy, but how “good” does “good” have to be, really? 


We have an opinion, and it shouldn’t surprise you. Let’s talk about the myriad of benefits that comes with going pro.


A professional video production company will have experienced professionals and equipment that your business (unless it’s also focused on video production) does not. That leg up enables the pros to produce significantly higher-quality content that stands out from that created by competitors using their own resources to pull together video marketing assets. Just because Tom from Marketing shot a great video of his puppy swimming in the backyard pool this summer on his iphone doesn’t mean it’ll be a piece of cake for him to shoot, say, a commercial… unless you’re ok with that commercial relying on unforgiving natural lighting, harsh background noise, and a few shakes and shudders. Professionals have the equipment, and know-how, to capture shots in any type of environment, and efficiently adjust when things don’t go as planned.


Beyond the technical element, video companies excel at identifying and spotlighting the brand story you want told, and doing so in the optimal time frame. Attention spans are shorter than ever. Marketers now have only 2.7 seconds to capture an audience. When you hire a seasoned video production company, you’re also getting a fresh set of eyes on your brand, trained to notice things you may have missed the first time around. Seeing your product or service from the outside, i.e., the way your targeted audience and potential customers likely see it, is critical to crafting the right narrative. 


Finally, going with a pro – even though it will cost more out of the gate – will enable you to spend more time focusing on your business and customers instead of stressing out over getting a minute-long commercial or employee training tutorial made in time and at an acceptable level of quality. A top-notch videography company will be able to support you in all aspects including pre- and post-production services, editing, storyboarding, and even motion graphics design and animation to create an authentic, engaging, and on-brand experience that helps you stand out from your competition. 


The stats don’t lie – people are more likely to engage with (and, ultimately, entrust their business to) a company that features high-quality video on its website:


93% of businesses that use video on their social say it’s gotten them a new customer (animoto, 2018)

96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. (wyzowl, 2019)

88% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts (animoto, 2018)


Whether you are presenting to your team, clients, or prospects, a professionally done video should be a key piece of your approach. Your brand deserves an expert storyteller, making a professional video production company the obvious choice when it comes to creating branded content for your company. 


Looking for a fresh set of eyes to check out your company’s video message? Let us help you put your brand in motion

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