Apr 27 2018

What is a Brand Promise?

What is a Brand Promise?

In order to build a successful brand, from the get go, one of the most appropriate steps to take is to develop a brand promise. What is that? You may ask. There are plenty of explanations and thousands of ways to define it but at [ 2 one 5 ] we like to keep it simple.

A brand promise is your distinct ability to separate yourself from the competition and build trust with your customer.

It’s the number one reason people come to you for a product, service, or experience. 

When developing this brand promise; collectively, key decision makers must ask what it is they want their customers to know them for. The promise must serve as a compass to guide every move and answer these questions internally for the organization and publicly for the customer: Why should we care? What kind of results will be delivered?

Below are a few examples you may recognize,

Some of them are taglines; but they synonymously serve as brand promises. They are clear statements without room for misinterpretation. Simple, meaningful, and direct about it’s deliverables.

Geico: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.”

Walmart: “Save money. Live better.”



A brand promise is more than a catchy line. It’s a commitment that forms a deep connection between your brand and your customer. It must be kept over, and over, and over again to protect the reputation of your brand. 

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