Feb 09 2018

Top App Suggestions from [ 2 one 5 ] Creative

We all suffer from the “useless apps taking up storage in our phones” syndrome these days. Finding the most efficient, fun and friendly user apps requires lots of research, so we decided to ask our team members at [2 one 5] what are their all time favorite-can’t-live-without apps. Apps categories include music, cybersecurity, art and pure radness. Check it out!

Nik, Founder and President: Apple Music

Apple Music combines iTunes with new personalized recommending and browsing options to find new songs. You can create playlists and sync your library with your Apple devices. Using this ad-free app costs less than $6 a month. Our fearless leader appreciates the variety of playlists and beats radio over several other streaming services. “I enjoy everything from down tempo to current and golden era hip hop as well as alt rock, jazz, and of course reggae.”

Jackie, Video Motion Producer: 1 Second Everyday

1 Second Everyday app is just what it sounds like. Take a 1 second long video everyday. At the end of the year, you will have a year full of memories in less than 4 minutes, but at a cost of $5. Jackie loves 1 Second because it fits into her lifestyle to document and archive memories. She also likes that she can easily reflect on her past months and year.

Dan, VP of Operations: VSCO

VSCO is photography app where users can upload and edit photographs with more options than instagram filters. You can also publish a journal entry with numerous photos. Users can download for free and have the option to purchase a VSCO X membership subscription which allows access to extensive features and new tools. “It allows me fantastic tools to edit my photos.”

Nekwan, Graphic Design Intern: Shazam

Shazam. Instead of yelling over the car tunes, just shazam a song playing to know the name, artist, album. It also links right to Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. “Shazam allows me to download songs without asking people.” Don’t be fooled, he is very much a people person.

Steph, Marketing Intern: SoundCloud and Google Arts and Culture

SoundCloud is a huge hub for music, whether you like indie folk or hip hop, whether you prefer big names from the radio or up and coming artists. Steph goes to SoundCloud for her love of techno blends, EPs (extended play records), and producer work. The plethora of sets last hours, which is helpful when diving into [2 one 5] work.


What’s better than one great app? Two great apps! Steph also loves the Google Arts and Culture app. “I’m an art lover and like seeing what’s going on around the world.” This app provides artwork from famous museums, galleries, and institutions that Google paired with to bring everyone their famous stories. You’ve probably noticed/used it lately because of the feature that matches your selfie with a famous painting.

Anthony, Web Developer: LastPass

LastPass generates passwords as well as stores them. It creates very strong security for all your digital accounts by autofilling logins for web browsers and apps. Anthony vouches for LastPass because of its convenience. He says once an account is set up it is super convenient and  keeps access to personal information secure.

Shaun, Designer: Adobe Capture CC

The Adobe Capture app allows users to take a picture of paper-drawn sketches and stores the shape of the sketch in your Adobe library to open the images in other Adobe programs on the computer so you can quickly edit the shape. “Basically it replaces having to scan your drawings on a scanner; it does a decent job at turning the drawings into vectors –– thus, taking out the step of having to trace your scanned drawing or using the image trace feature.”

Courtney, Account Manager: Spotify and Etsy

Etsy is an ecommerce site where a lot of unique work can be found, whether it be homemade or from decades before. There are two apps to sell and order these individualized items, one for selling and one for shopping. Courtney uses the shopping Etsy app for reasons stated, “I like supporting local artists and small businesses, and also finding one of a kind, handmade items.”


Another music app strikes again in the ultimate list of apps: Spotify! For any that don’t know Spotify, it is an app to listen to music, create your own playlists, as well as follow others’ playlists. The free version has ads and you can only shuffle playlists instead of choosing one song to play. Spotify Premium is $10 a month or $5 if you’re a student. With a premium memberships, you are allowed more flexibility in choosing songs and creating a lineup of songs. “The variety, being in control of what I’m listening to, curating playlists, and learning about other people’s taste in music through theirs” is what she likes most about the app.


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