Dec 19 2016

Tips for Effective Storyboarding

Here at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative, we are passionate about video production. Every stage of our production process is handled with ultimate precision. Each video production includes pre-production, production, and post-production. The majority of our time is spent during pre-production, which includes anything and everything that takes place before the cameras start rolling. The more detailed we can be during pre-production, the smoother the filming and editing process goes.


During pre-production, we team up with our clients to create a script, treatments, and storyboards. This helps both parties to clearly envision the final product. A storyboard is an outstanding visual planning tool. Our video team illustrates each key shot of the video and arranges the shots in the proper sequence for the storyboard.


While shots are being illustrated, our video producers align the illustrations with the proper lines of the script. The storyboard is also where we determine the types of shots that best fit that portion of the script – we utilize all types of shots including close-ups, wides, medium-wides etc. Here are some tips for creating a quality storyboard:


1. Provide Valuable Information: There are several ways you can provide information through an illustration. Be wary of providing too much information however, focus on the big picture. If it is a conversation you are trying to convey, try an over-the shoulder shot.




2. Be Consistent: Consistency is key in creating a storyboard that is easy to follow. Keep text, styles, characters, and scenery in agreement. For example, each character and prop should be easily recognizable as the same character/prop in every frame. If consistency is achieved, the storyboard will be a great reference point for everyone involved in the production.




3. Create and Recreate: To save yourself time, it is a great idea to draw your scenes on index cards, that way you have the ability to arrange and rearrange during your creative process.


With these tips, you don’t need to be an amazing illustrator to be great at storyboarding. Contact us for all of your video production needs.

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