Nov 02 2018

Tips for Building Your Social Media Presence

In today’s day and age, social media is critical, especially for a small business just starting off. From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook and beyond, social media is an easy and cost-effective way to start promoting your business.



Create a Following


Social media gives businesses the opportunity to directly engage with both current and future customers. It allows brands to share anything they would like customers and prospective customers to consume, from creative content to business information, important news, and more.


Several social media strategies – using #hashtags, engaging with others online, and creating original content, for example – can help make your company’s online presence known. All of these are low-cost, simple ways to kickstart your social media following… which you need. After all, if you don’t first create a following, who’s going to like, comment, and share your posts?


Expand Your Reach


Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow businesses to promote content and run advertisements to reach a larger audience beyond existing followers. Yes, this costs money, but the good news is that social media advertisements are very user-friendly compared to other online advertising options. With just a few clicks, a business or individual can target specific geographic locations, people with certain interests, people within certain age ranges, and more. Before you go this route, though, make sure you have identified your target audience – otherwise, you may be casting too wide a net, which will make your spend less impactful.



Social Trends


A common social media trend is to use social media for customer service purposes. Apple, Nike, and American Airlines are just a few of the major brands that have elected to go this route. Although your company may not NEED a customer support Twitter account yet, you may still want to create one – that way, you’re demonstrating the accessibility of your brand and your commitment to customer service.



All About Business


While setting up your business’s social media accounts, make sure to, uh, set them up as business accounts. This will give you access to tons of business tools that will help you get to know the people interacting with your page, both individually and as a group.


By successfully utilizing social media, both organically and via paid ads, a business can get a foothold in the market, and learn a lot about its customers. Even in its most basic form, social media is a great starting point for any business. Get started, make it as far as you can, and when you’ve got the basics down and want to take the next step to grow your brand, hit us up!


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