Mar 01 2018

Storytelling Video Production for ReFuel

Our most recent work with Re-Fuel, a brand of Digipower Solutions, was the creation of a production video for their new Re-Fuel Action Pack. The goal for this campaign was to use storytelling video production to showcase the Action Pack in multiple scenarios. The video invites the viewer to go on a quick trip, passing through mountaintops, through fast snowboarding action, to warm sands, surfing, and rugged dirt bike tricks. This pack extends the battery life of your GoPro Hero by 9 hours, which, on its own, typically lasts for about 2 hours. With the help of our video production arms in Southern California and Utah, we filmed breathtaking scenes in the western United States to highlight product features and reliability in intense conditions, including exposure to extreme temperatures, water, dirt, and shock.


It was important the video remained consistent with Re-Fuel’s desire for consumers to #stayincharge, with a vision for the video users to be in control of their adventures. The product puts users in control by eliminating the worry of their battery dying when they need it most. In the video, we see the action pack is simple for anyone to quickly set up and start recording – whether it be rolling with the tides, camping, conquering mountains of rock and snow, or simply enjoying the sunset.



To see all of our work for Re-Fuel, including brand strategy, video production, and website development, check out the case study on our website.



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