Feb 21 2018

Why the Social Media Live Feature Came and Went

After seeing how fake and retouched life can be, we crave raw and real material on social media by our peers and advertising from companies. We’ve been seeing photoshop turn into unedited campaigns like Aerie Real that encourages girls to love their natural bodies and Axe’s rebrand that launched the Find Your Magic campaign empowers men to find what makes them who they are.




Platforms made a strategic move to bring the raw aspect to social media, starting with Snapchat stories in 2013. It provided a short, uninterrupted and unedited video into someone’s life. Over the next 3 years, raw material was introduced on various social media platforms. Twitter purchased Periscope for their live feature, Facebook brought live video to their platform too, and Instagram introduced stories and Instagram live within 3 months of each other.



Raw video can be seen as uncomfortable and imperfect, much like watching the unedited movies we recorded on kodak cameras as kids. But it’s starting to be seen as beautiful because it’s living in the moment. Live video provides in the moment, however, not everyone can tune in exactly when others are live. It’s much like before DVR and OnDemand. If you wanted to see a show, you had to be on the right channel at the right time, otherwise you would have to wait for reruns. A lot of us don’t know what it’s like to not be able to look up on YouTube or OnDemand and have what we want to watch within seconds. Social media stories are more popular for users because they provide “in the moment” for 24 hours. We can’t fully commit to a live social media style because we live a play/pause lifestyle. Platforms are adjusting, however, by making live videos available for 24 hours.


For brands, stories take the bait because they get more views, and therefore increasing chances of higher engagement and greater loyalty. Live might only get 10 views while stories get hundreds or more because they are available for longer. Stories increase follower and friend loyalty because they let people see into the life behind the edited profile.


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