Aug 28 2020

Nonprofits: How to Handle COVID Part 3 – Brand Awareness

For the third installment of our Nonprofit Blog Series, we take a deeper look into the subtle yet effective ways to raise brand awareness in order to create a reliable relationship with donors.


This week we had the honor of speaking with nonprofit innovator, Monika Kreidie from Turning Points for Children. Turning Points is a Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) affiliate that brings social and health services to children, families and adults in Philadelphia. While the organization has seen a drop in volunteerism, their donorship has yet to falter due to the organization’s ongoing initiatives to keep their community engaged and protected.



Much like the majority of nonprofit organizations, Turning Points had to completely regroup when the pandemic hit. With their largest grossing live event turned upside down, Turning Points needed new and inventive ways to grab their donor’s attention.


“It’s a whole new way of doing business but we’re making it through pretty well.” said Kreidie, Senior Development Associate. Once COVID-19 restrictions came barreling through the door, Kreidie sat down to reflect on Turning Points’ Development department. An interesting thought struck her: people are now stuck at home and finally have time to read their mail.


“Instead of investing extra money in online ads and funding we could do something more personalized.” Kreidie explained. In order to hit home with this initiative, Turning Points sent snail mail style appeals that were branded yet individualized. The theory was that people would gain a sense of excitement seeing a positive note addressed to them while also giving Turning Points the chance to increase their brand awareness.


“There are people who really want to help, but don’t know where to go and how to donate.” Kreidie continued. The personalized letters worked extremely well for Turning Points, earning them $14,000 in donations alone. To keep the individualized process going, the Turning Points team sent hand-written ‘Thank You’ letters back to those who donated. Those letters not only expressed gratitude but also explained to donors that their contribution was further confirmation to the Turning Points team that they weren’t alone in this movement.


By leveraging digital assets and direct mail, nonprofits can stay top of mind while also creating a connection with donors. Direct mail is known to have stronger emotional impact, allowing recipients to feel more valued. 68% of marketers say combining digital and direct mail increases website visits. Since direct mail is tangible, it creates a sensory experience for receivers and helps them to establish an emotional connection with the brand. This connection will be unique and one of a kind. Direct mailers paired with digital campaigning, email marketing, or social media initiatives is the perfect blend of marketing when trying to increase brand awareness.


Another way for nonprofits to raise brand identity is to take operations mobile in order to stand relevant and continue making an impact.


“I realized we had to redefine the way we were working,” explained Kreidie when referencing their switch to Pop-Up Food Pantries across Philadelphia which distribute food to families and individuals in need. Their once stationary food drives held out of local schools had to close down due to COVID-19 restriction. The Pop-up Food Pantries have been increasingly more efficient by allocating a greater amount of food while also effectively growing Turning Points client base. Due to the success of their Pop-up Food Pantries, Turning Points will be moving forward with this initiative permanently.


For nonprofits, increased brand awareness helps to spread the mission of the organization instilling trust within the communities in need. Increasing brand awareness also positions the organization as reliable, which in turn makes donors more comfortable offering repeated gifts. If increasing your brand identity could help your organization make a bigger impact in your community, look into local branding agencies near you for more support.




Find more ways to support Turning Points here.


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