Oct 14 2019

No Finish Line

Ah, the gym. You love to hate it. Getting that 24 Hour Fitness member tag used to be everyone’s favorite New Year’s resolution to neglect. To all those people, we say: great news! Now, you can skip the most difficult part about the gym: actually going there. 


For most of us, actually being in the gym and working out isn’t bad at all. In fact, you almost always feel better the minute you get there and start to sweat it out. But getting there is no small feat. Having to stop what you’re doing – especially when you already have a busy schedule – and find the motivation and time to pack your stuff, get in the car, and drive to the gym can sometimes seem like a monumental lift.


Nowadays, though, traditional gyms are finding themselves in competition with new alternatives that take the to-and-from dilemma out of the equation. A big part of this change is the fitness game’s evolution: in recent years, it’s become more of a lifestyle, not just a reason to feel good. 


Take Peloton for example. The team behind Peloton got the idea to market an at-home bicycle/tablet combo after commiserating about how they all loved cycling but couldn’t find a workout that consistently fit their schedules. 


Peloton combines advanced technology with sensibly designed exercise equipment, and its bank of thousands of classes allows riders to cherry-pick classes that are most likely to motivate them in terms of content, length, and style. 


No longer are you stuck with that annoying spin sub who makes you climb to EDM for an hour; instead, through Peloton, you can pull up your favorite instructor’s 20-minute Lizzo tabata ride and actually enjoy the experience. And hey, you can take that ride every day if you want! More customized workouts = more fulfilled riders. 


Beyond the workouts themselves, though, a major plus of Peloton is the group experience it provides to each individual who rides. Literally meaning the “main group of riders in a race”, Peloton emphasizes community by offering live rides during which instructors shout-out at home participants. On both live and recorded rides, riders high-five each other with virtual palms, making it possible for a 20-year-old in Oklahoma to connect with, and appreciate the effort of, a 60-year-old pedaling at the exact same time in London.


Another major value add are the live metrics that show riders their personalized progress reports in real time. If I want to remember my last PR on the treadmill at the gym, that’s on me to track; with Peloton, it’s done for me.  


What’s really impressive is how the marketing team behind the Peloton brand got the Average Joe and Jane to buy something that leans on the more expensive side for fitness. The Bike is $2,245, and the purchase comes with a required membership to access live on-demand classes at an additional cost of $39 a month. Also just released: the new Peloton Tread for all you runners out there. That runs a little more than $4,000 with the same required monthly membership. 


The marketing masterminds behind the bike realized that their audience would need to experience their product themselves before diving into purchasing something with such a steep price tag. With over 60 different showrooms across the country, prospects are able to feel the energy of the brand firsthand while also mingling with instructors and peeping the newest fit gear all at once. 


Rather than trying to tell their audience what they do better than their competitors, Peloton strives to show them that their product is helping them be the best version of themselves. They found a way to combine convenience with high level personal training… and oh, by the way, you can finance one of these bikes for a lower monthly payment than the average gym membership.


Peloton has set the new standard for home workout equipment. It’s not just a gym membership, it’s an in-home personal trainer. It’s not just around the block, it’s in your living room. It’s not just a bike, it’s a Peloton. And it’s not just you, it’s you and your squad, no matter what time of day you clip in.


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