Nov 30 2018

Never Stop (Networking)

Assuming you’re following the recommendations in this blog series to the letter, you’ve successfully used your previous connections to jumpstart your brand, tried your hand at the basics of social media marketing, and gotten creative with guerilla marketing. Now, it’s back to building, but not products – rather, relationships.


As your company begins to expand, so will your client base, employee roster, and professional relationships. Take advantage of this growth and focus on expanding your personal network – the new people you meet along the path of your businesses growth could very well be helpful resources in the future.




Perhaps you’ve evolved from selling products on your own website to local brick and mortar shops. The owners and employees of those stores are all potential new connections for you and your brand, so take the time to build and maintain healthy relationships with them that go beyond your precise business needs. Turn these contacts from advocates of your brand to advocates of YOU. You never know how they may be able to help you down the road, and vice versa.


Shake Hands


If you live in the Philadelphia area just like us, there are many resources available that can help you build your network. Philly Ad Club, for one, is a great resource. Philly Ad Club is all about sharing information on tons of events and information sessions occurring in the 215, ranging from networking happy hours, to Q&As with guest speakers and professional development workshops. They have even been known to throw the occasional holiday party!


Philly Ad Club


Before attending these events, do some preparation. Research possible attendees through LinkedIn, Google, etc. – knowing some basic background information about the people you may meet makes it easier to spark up a conversation. Showing interest and being engaged in conversation says a lot about a person, so your work will likely pay off.


Just like anything in life, networking takes time, but is an important step in building your business and important connections. We at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative have a few tips when it comes to networking:


    • Devote time. Whether it is an hour a day or a couple hours a week, set some time aside dedicated to building your network. A little bit of time goes a long way when building new relationships.


      • Create goals. Always set goals for yourself. For example, try to make it to at least 1 networking event a month, or add 10 contacts via LinkedIn. Setting goals is an easy way to keep track of your work, and will help you stay on track towards success.


    • Never stop. As you can tell from the title of this blog, you should NEVER STOP networking. You never know where and when you could meet someone that could be a valuable connection in your network. You could meet a new connection anywhere: your kid’s sports game, the dog park, or even at a holiday party.


Networking is a vital part of business, and the payoff for putting in the time can be huge. Say you eventually need to class up the design of your website, or need help promoting a new product – in those instances, being able to reach out to someone you already know can be a huge time-saver, and stress-reducer.


Relationships go a long way. Call us and let’s build one together today!



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