Sep 10 2019

Nelms Joins [ 2 one 5 ] Creative Copywriting Team

As [ 2 one 5 ] Creative continues to grow, we welcome Sean Nelms to the team. We hired him for his copywriting work, but are just as excited for his comedy skills – Sean will definitely be a fun and creative mind to work with. 


In his previous roles, Sean has acquired a variety of big agency, small business, theater, and newspaper experience. He’s written successful national campaigns, covering a wide variety of industries. Whether it’s through a 5,000-word advertorial or a 7-word billboard, he is an expert at connecting brands with people. Ultimately, it was Sean’s strong experience in a variety of writing styles, coupled with his extensive experience with a varied array of clients, that caught our attention.


Kris Blake, Creative Director at [ 2 one 5 ] said, “We’re excited to have Sean join the team. We appreciated the agency experience he brings to the table. His more traditional agency work for clients, his comedy background, and how he always looks to push his work whenever possible stood out to us.” 


More on that comedy background: when Sean isn’t crafting taglines, he’s writing standup or sketch comedy, and performing it. So: we know exactly who we will be looking to when we need a laugh on a busy day. 


As lucky as we feel to have Sean, the feeling is mutual. “I’m beyond excited to join such a strong team,” said Sean. “I’ve been a fan of [ 2 one 5 ]’s work and now I get to help create it. It’s a dream come true.”


A variety of skills are necessary for a successful and effective team, and we are so happy to have Sean add his expertise to our squad. 


Some fun facts about Sean:










Hobbies: Comedy, Drums, Soccer

Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein 

Favorite Artist: Led Zeppelin



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