Jun 26 2017

Benefits of Your Brand Going Global

Having a website is beneficial for any type of business in the fast growing world of the Internet; however, knowing how to correctly implement the content on the website is as equally as important. Companies are slowly enabling their websites to go global in order to better leverage their business. Believe it or not, English is only the third most spoken language in the world, ranking after Chinese and Spanish; so, why limit your company to one language when making the website global can open doors to many more potential customers and opportunities?




Here are 5 reasons why it is beneficial to have a multilingual website:


1) Great Marketing Tool


Allowing your website to go global can further target foreign markets. This is a great way to communicate with international customers by just a switch of a button. Not only is this a cost-effective marketing solution, your company can also increase brand awareness by building a credible and international brand image.



2) Better competitor advantage


Foreign users are more likely to stay on your landing page longer if the website provides the language that they speak. Your website already beats out other competitors just by adding the option of another language(s).



3) Display the importance of diversity


Unless your business only targets English-speaking consumers, it is important to let current and future clients know that your company cares about diversity. With the power of the Internet, conversations are started across different languages online. It’s time to listen to your customers from around the world. 




4) Generate Sales


The simple act of going global can generate more sales for your business or event. Websites that are multilingual allow all kinds of customers to learn about company products, services and/or events. Additionally, global websites increase the chance of a customer to make a purchase through the website or in store – a great way to increase sales. According to ITC Translations, “For every language you add to your website, you’re adding a potential sales increase of 100%!” This can open doors to a lot more opportunities for your business.


5) SEO


The purpose of a company website is to allow customers to learn more about your products or services, but this can’t be done without having a great amount of traffic to the website. Search Engine Optimization leads people to your website; therefore, global websites can greatly increase your company’s SEO. In order to drive traffic, it is beneficial to make your website multilingual so people can come across the site easier from search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, etc.





You’d be surprised by how many businesses only allow English as the only language on their website. We live in a world where everybody can easily communicate with one another through different languages, so it’s time to start leveraging your business and go global! You can also check out how we helped Wawa Welcome America achieve this. 



Interested in making your website global? Contact us to start on your project!


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