Jun 12 2014

Optimizing Your Brand For Mobile Devices

Chances are you’ve seen a website that looked different on an iPhone than it did on your computer or even an Android. If it takes a lot longer to load you may just skip that site altogether. Hopefully it’s not your site.


The reality is that 80 percent of the 18-24 demographic use smartphones, and the 25-34 year olds are right there with them. These are pretty important demographics if you’re marketing a snowboard boot or opening a restaurant in that up-and-coming part of town. As of 2013, the percentage of adults in the US using iPhones was approaching 60 percent, a large portion of those most actively engaged with your brand.


The bottom line is that a lot of these people don’t even log onto a home PC or a laptop anymore, and if they still do, it’s becoming more and more uncommon. Overall, Americans are spending more time online than just a few years ago. You can have phenomenal online presence, but so does everyone else. You have to have a phenomenal “mobile” site as well.


As browser speeds increase on phones, there will be less need for a computer. And after all that painstaking time it took to build your brand’s website, it may look completely different to a good share of your demographic. Let’s not forget that devices, browsers, and operating systems are constantly upgrading.

Are Customers Automatically Getting Routed to Your Mobile Site?

We use the web differently when we’re in our cars than we do at our desk. Stunning photos, killer videos, and other quality content get brushed over when we’re just looking for information. If your menu doesn’t load right or the map of retailers that carry your product loads wonky, you just lost business.


“Whenever we start a new web design project we design for mobile optimization first. Today, 63% of Americans use their smartphones to access internet content. If your site experience isn’t designed to be optimized for several different screens, then you’re not considering the end user or customer and how they will  be viewing your site,” offers [ 2 one 5 ] Creative Director and CEO, Nik Greenblatt, “Do yourself a favor and think mobile first.”


Sometimes it’s okay for your website to look different on mobile, but you must make sure that your message looks good across all devices, from the screen of an iPhone 6 to a cave drawing. Your site can be mobile compatible, but it may not be mobile optimized. As an owner or brand manager, you may have some impressive html chops, but it’s never a bad idea to have an agency that fully understands evolving online technology check your back.

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