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Microsite. Branded Blog. Miniature website. Communication Platform. No matter what you call it, this is an entirely separate entity your business needs to publish relevant, relevant content that your clients interact with in meaningful ways. Media Microsites serve as an ongoing solution that your business can utilize to publish original content on an ongoing basis. Think corporate blog meets online magazine. Product-Specific Microsites are used if you’re launching a new product, it can showcase the product and all of its benefits through imagery and superb copywriting.

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Wondering why you would need a microsite? They are one of the best and most cost effective ways to ensure your audience receives a focused message, whether that’s marketing your products or services, getting the user to connect with your brand on social media, promoting events, boosting competition entries, or expanding your customer base.


Microsites can take on many forms, including Basic, Secure, and Authenticated. Basic is a simple http:// domain. You can register a new one or use your existing domain. Secure is a basic microsite that uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt any data available on the microsite. Finally, authenticated is a secure microsite that users must log into before they can view any content.


Pick a microsite to align with your business goals. Campaign Mircrosites are helpful if you’re running a branded campaign, and we can help you launch a microsite populated with content surrounding that campaign. The microsite lives for as little or as long as the campaign does, and is updated with information as you see fit.

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Reach out to the experts at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative. We’ll help you create a microsite that fits your business needs and builds your brand. Get started on your microsite today.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “[ 2 one 5 ] Creative played a key role in redesigning and launching Franklin Park’s new website and marketing materials. The [ 2 one 5 ] team brought creative ideas to the table and were easy to work with from start to finish. The final product exceeded our expectations, and we would highly recommend the firm for website and marketing design projects.”

    Michael Bacine – Co-Founder, Franklin Park
  • “[ 2 one 5 ] was very helpful in rebranding and designing our site. They took the time to get to know us and created a site where we could shine through. [ 2 one 5 ] has a fantastic blend of traditional marketing expertise with modern, cutting edge ideas and executions. They were a perfect complement to our business, and we were fortunate to work with them.”

    Stephane Bouvel – Partner, Bouvel Investment Partners
  • “[ 2 one 5 ] Creative was on-point with every promised deliverable and in the end produced an amazing digital experience that looks great on all device platforms from mobile to tablet. Prompt, professional, and pleasant, these guys know their creative ‘stuff’! They truly elevated our brand to another level!”

    Tom Buske – Director of Sales, ToughTested

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Why Choose [ 2 one 5 ] Creative?

  • Founded in 2001 (experienced and credible)
  • Award winning proven agency creative
  • High quality value without corporate approach and pricing
  • Focused and Collaborative
  • Humble, Modest, Honest
  • High client return rate with proven long lasting relationships
  • On trend design and approach with unique, data driven thinking
  • All services specific to creative, web, and video are entirely in house with no outsourcing
  • Fun and responsive company with great culture, which means our staff will be your staff for years to come
  • Plays well with existing partners such as social and PR