Dec 10 2020

Maureen Joins [ 2 one 5 ] Copywriting Intern Program

Never a fan of sitting still, our newest copywriting intern is always looking for her next challenge.


Before coming to [ 2 one 5 ] Creative, Maureen handled publicity in the film industry, media placement in the nutrition industry, account management in the experiential marketing industry, and brand management in the luxury real estate industry. Through this motley of experiences, she has always found one constant: her fascination with a brand’s power to connect people through storytelling. Still looking to learn, she’s joined our creative team to tell brand stories from a different perspective as a copywriter.


When she’s not obsessing about brands, Maureen spends her time uncovering Philly’s charm on foot by running through different neighborhoods and unique side streets. You can also find her hopelessly supporting the Philly sports teams with that love-hate relationship we can all relate to.


Hobbies: Discovering both new and old music, watching movies, reading suspense novels
Favorite place: Anywhere by the ocean
Favorite food: Pancakes (yeah, we thought that was weird too)
Favorite author: Harlan Coben


Interested in a career with [ 2 one 5 ] Creative? Check out our available openings here.



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