Mar 28 2018

Marketing to Generation Z

6 ways to market towards the next generation

Millennials move over, Generation Z is up next. The generation that will never know the pleasure of having a landline phone in their room, the feeling of wanting a T-Mobile sidekick so badly, or the excitement of playing outside with friends in the neighborhood ‘til dark is about to make up more than 40% of the consumer population by 2020. The older bunch of this demographic is just now graduating college or entering the workforce. Understanding Gen-Z’s (also known as the iGeneration) will be key to marketing success. Here’s how to do marketing to Generation Z the right way. 


Social Media

If you haven’t caught on, you’re behind. Most Gen-Z’s check their phones up to 100 times a day with the majority of that time focused on social media. Rather than Facebook, which studies show is declining among Gen-Z users, they show lots of attention towards Instagram and Snapchat. Over 70% of Gen-Z reports using the latter on a daily basis. Use these platforms for storytelling, not a boring sales pitch… they do not want to hear your sales pitch! Marketing to Generation Z is all about creating rad content.




Video, video, video.

Gen-Z’s watch up to four hours of YouTube content daily. Adding videos to your emails or websites is an effective way to add to your marketing strategy. There is a massive amount of interest in content, related to “behind the scenes” looks, “day in the life” and “how to videos”. Here at [ 2 one 5 ] we know a thing or two about video marketing.


Keep your messaging short & sweet

The average attention span of Gen-Z is about eight seconds. They are skilled at sifting through massive amounts of information and getting straight to the point.  Marketing towards Gen-Z means understanding that you have a tight window to catch their attention. Like advertising on YouTube, brands have five seconds before their Ads get skipped. Make it count!


Social Responsibility

Studies have shown that Gen-Z’s are heavily involved in issues related to environmental protection, racial, gender and income equality. Standing up for these values has formerly been frowned upon but taking a stand on social issues is quickly becoming a differentiator. Brands like Nike, and Patagonia, are leading the way and setting an example.




More than 70% percent of this demographic owns video games and cite that as their main source of entertainment. Coming up with creative ways to implement their love for gaming is a creative way to market to Gen-Z.



User Experience (UX)

Gen-Z’s are practically born with the ability to navigate a smartphone or tablet in hand, and studies show they use up to five different screens a day. Which means they’re balancing time on a smartphone, tablet, TV, laptop, and desktop. At this point, your content must be optimized for all the different platforms available. Make your pages interactive and animated, not static and dull.



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