Jun 08 2020

Love in Queerantine

Eight contestants. Four states (to be real though, mostly Philly). One question: Quar you the one?


Despite the usual challenge of almost no queer representation in dating shows and the new challenge of even going outside (thanks, COVID), new social-media based reality dating dramas have begun popping up to rise to the occasion. 


There are a couple notable “shows” out there, but the one that we can’t stop watching is a DIY dream titled “Quar You The One?” (a la MTV’s “Are You The One?”) that exists solely on Instagram. This queer dating show uses an “algorithm” of preferences, personalities, and (probably) horoscopes to create perfect matches that are unknown to the other contestants at the beginning of the series. The goal of the series is for the contestants to find their ideal match through a series of purely virtual events such as group costume parties (that one was fun), one-on-one dates, and even Truth Booths – a moment when two candidates are elected by the audience or their housemates and the show hosts reveal if they are one another’s Perfect Match, or a No match.


Aside from the refreshing representation that’s juxtaposed against a relatable dating-show storyline, the majority of the contestants are Philly residents – fitting for a city that scored 100 points in the Human Rights Commission’s 2019 Municipal Equality Index, and continues to support LGBTQ rights without relying on state law.


As a queer dating show, QYTO’s goal is to create a public space in a time of isolation, but also to facilitate equality for all. Currently the show is on pause, as it’s clear that the BLM social justice movement deserves all of our attention and focus until reforms are made. 


How will it all end? Stay tuned by following @quar_you_the_one on Instagram. One thing is for sure – Philly LGBTQ folks are committed to their pursuit of love. 💓



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