Apr 13 2020

Let’s Work Together

Trying to keep your business successful through the COVID-19 pandemic?


This is tricky, we know. How are you adapting your product? Your delivery? Your workflow? How are you letting your customers know what you have done to support them? How are you getting new customers to find you, and trust you?


First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Right now is not the time to shy away from messaging and media. Yes, there is a cost here, and we know that you are slashing expenses. But right now, more Americans are at home, consuming media nonstop, than ever before. Messages are running together, and the constant reprise of “we are all in this together,” though compassionate, has quickly become generic. Right now is the time to kill it, with a strategy and a campaign that disrupts the current. 


If that sounds reckless, we understand. Aren’t people losing jobs? Isn’t the economy tanking? Well, yes and no. We’ve literally never experienced anything like this before. We’ve never had a situation where so many businesses are able to maintain their operations remotely. Just a few weeks ago, we would have thought this would be impossible. But here we are – doing it. The infrastructure hasn’t crashed. That means that far more people can stay employed than we could have anticipated. And though they might be watching their spending – because they are also watching the same news you are – their needs and desires have not abated. So while conventional wisdom might suggest that you hunker down and do the best you can to maintain with your current customers, our new reality suggests something altogether different: take advantage of a captive audience and show them why they need and desire YOU.


The good news is, your competitors are likely slashing their budgets. They probably aren’t reading this blog post. Nobody’s told them why business practices of the past won’t apply this time. They are following convention and dropping their marketing contracts. You can take advantage of that reduced demand to negotiate a contract that fits your budget and still delivers top-quality, eye-catching, thought-provoking, award-winning work. We’re talking about the quality of work you probably couldn’t afford last Spring. It’s now within your reach. 


You need plans. The operational plan  – the one that makes the most of what you already have going – that’s on you. But the marketing and communications strategy and the creative plan of attack – the plans that can unseat your competition – that’s where you need a solid partner with a history of disruption.


Let’s work together.



[ 2 one 5 ] Creative is a creative agency headquartered in Philadelphia and specializing in brand design and development, website design and development, and video production. With offices and production arms in New York City, Salt Lake City, and San Diego, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative utilizes a strategic approach, putting insights to work for our clients’ brands to create authentic, lasting emotions.


Want to thrive with [ 2 one 5 ] Creative? 



Emily Huddell

Vice President, Brand Development




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