May 10 2018

How To Come Up With A Brand Name

The process of building a brand can be intimidating, especially when it comes to picking a brand name. You want the name to sum up everything your company stands for… which is easier said than done. Here are some tips from us on how to come up with a brand name.


In order to come up with your brand name, you must carefully consider dozens of elements. First, ask yourself: is your brand identity established? Do you exactly what service or product you’re offering, and how it’s being positioned? If not, come back here later because you’ve got more pressing matters to focus on.


If, on the other hand, you’re confident in your brand’s personality, objective, attributes, and ethos, it’s time to brainstorm. We’ve came up with a few tips on how to come up with a brand name without pulling (that many) hairs out of your head. So sit back, relax, and let’s get thinking.




The name of your brand should take the consumer straight to the core of your brand’s identity. It is the epitome of what your brand stands for, and must be concise and memorable. So make it clear!






It’s normal to feel stuck. As you go down the rabbit hole of how to come up with a brand name, after a while, nothing will make sense or sound good enough. When you hit that point, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Read about what your competitors are up to. Browse interesting blogs, articles, and features related to your product or service. Watch foreign movies. Talk to your peers and try shifting your perspective. Meditate with an intention. The trick here is to get your creative juices flowing, and when it comes to creativity, anything goes.




Take a moment to think of three brands. Which ones are the first ones to cross your mind? Are they single words? Are they highly recognizable brands? Does Apple come to mind? How about Uber? Brands such as Nike, Audi, Uber, and – yes – Apple kept it simple, which makes them incredibly easy to remember. Short and precise words can be very effective when naming your brand because they are more likely to stick to the consumer’s mind, so don’t be afraid to edit yourself – sometimes basic is better when deciding how to come up with a brand name.











It isn’t easy to come up with a brand name. In a world where it feels that we’ve seen it all and done it all, it’s hard to be truly authentic. Sometimes all you need is a small “light bulb” moment. To get there, consider putting out your dictionary that is collecting dust. You may be very surprised with what you find.


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