May 22 2017

Tips for Establishing Your Hospitality Brand’s Equity You Won’t Want to Miss

It is no secret that consumers drive the hospitality industry; therefore, aligning customers with your brand is key to the success of your business. To turn skeptics into believers of your brand, you must establish brand equity: bring awareness, establish loyalty, and exhibit the quality of your brand. At [ 2 one 5 ] Creative we know the in’s and out’s of B2C relationships and we believe focusing on these components will take your hospitality brand to the next level.




Co-Branding is a popular way for businesses to increase brand loyalty. These brand alliances are popular in all industries but can truly do wonders for hospitality brands. Through creating partnerships with other brands, you are in turn increasing credibility for your own business. You have probably seen these examples of these brand alliances, Marriott Hotels and Starbucks, W Hotels and Bliss, Gap and Virgin Hotels. Allowing the consumer to see a brand they know and love collaborating with your business establishes a connection between your brand and the consumer.



Online Presence, Social Media & Micro Customer Experiences


In this day and age, establishing a strong online presence and being active throughout social media platforms is key to the success of hospitality brands. It allows you to create a brand persona that your customers can relate to. Social media is a great platform to provide your loyal followers with promotions and discounts. It also allows for customer service via social media, an example of this is the hotel, Gaylord Opryland. A customer who was staying at the hotel for a conference loved the sleep inducing clock that she found in her room and tweeted at them asking them where she could purchase her own. She then learned it was a Gaylord Opryland exclusive. She returned back to her room after the conference and found a gift from Gaylord Opryland, a spa clock and hand-written card from the staff. In turn, the hotel received noteworthy attention for this act (Help Scout). Social media also allows customers to share the positive experiences they have with your brand.


Social media also allows customers to share the positive experiences they have with your brand. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is known for creating unforgettable micro customer experiences, if you peruse their Facebook page for just a moment, it is filled with customers sharing the little things that the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants staff does to make their guests, guests for life. This allows possible future customers who may be in the customer decision-making process with their brand to also see these shared positive experiences.



Website Usability and Interactivity


When a customer is looking to book a hotel in a foreign place it can be a little nerve-wracking and overwhelming. However, your brand can alleviate this worry with website usability and interactivity. Your brand can make the booking process a little easier with a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, and educational tools such as virtual tours and video content. The customer can rest easy knowing that their positive experience with your website is a reflection of the experience they will have choosing to take the next step with your brand.



Here at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative, we know that emotion and motion are the keys to a brand’s success. Today’s discerning, ever-connected consumer is constantly on the MOVE and always connected. Brands that get noticed create lasting emotions and they move with the customer. They evolve, innovate, and grow.


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