Dec 21 2020

Homeland Hideaway: Acadia National Park

To conclude our Homeland Hideaway series, we thought we’d take you across the country to the extraordinary peaks of the North Atlantic Coast, land of the first sight of sunrise in the USA, and one of Maine’s most-visited attractions, Acadia National Park. 




Acadia National Park has 158 miles of hiking trail. The rocky shorelines and vast peaks and valleys were formed by a volcano that erupted over 420 million years ago. Over time, natural disasters have continued to make Acadia a beautiful safe haven for those looking to hide away from the bright city lights. Despite its close proximity to Boston, Portland and New York, Acadia still has extraordinary night skies and clear visibility of the Milky Way. 




Another incomparable feature of Acadia’s natural landscape is Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest point along the North Atlantic coast at 1,530 feet. These peaks are the first place throughout the United States that the sunrise touches during certain times of the year. Fun fact: The Natives of this area are known as the “Wabanaki” which means “People of the Dawn.”

Acadia is continuously creating innovative ways for visitors to experience the park. One of their most notorious efforts is their Artist-in-Residence program. This program includes accomplished artists spending 14 nights in park housing in order to create a collection of art work whether that be visual, writing or other categories such as music, dance emerging technologies, etc.


Source:; Acadia Moon Dance: Little Hunters Beach by Howie Motenko


This collection is then showcased in Acadia’s permanent online catalog. Artists then lead a public outreach activity with park visitors to further explain their artistic points of view. There are about 8 collections created per year allowing Acadia National Park to constantly be demonstrated in a new and creative light. 


Source:; Acadia Vessel #8 by Harlan W. Butt


For those who are interested in safe social distancing adventures or for those looking for the perfect artist escape, Acadia National Park has plenty of activities and inspirations for all. 


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