Jul 16 2020

Green Getaways: Pretzel Park

Did you know that Philadelphia has over 11,000 acres of parkland – including urban parks?


For this installment of our Green Getaway park poster series, we travel to the hilly Philadelphia neighborhood, Manayunk, to visit Pretzel Park.



Whether you have always known it as Pretzel Park or now accept it as such since its official name change in 2005, the mystery of where the park’s name originated continues. Some believe the name came from the pretzel shape of the park sidewalks – sorry, but we just don’t see it – or from the pretzel vendor who sold Philly Pretzels in the park. We vote to keep the mystery alive.


Pretzel Park Statue


We don’t just love this park for its mysterious quirky name, but it has 3 of our favorite things: dogs, farmer’s markets, and inclusivity. Pretzel Park is perfect for exercising and socializing your pooch in the dog run, filling the pantry with local goods on Saturday mornings, and it provides a safe and handicap accessible space for children to play and make friends. BONUS! It’s a short walk to Tubby Robot Ice Cream Factory, another quirky Manayunk spot.


Pretzel Park Statue Poster



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