Jul 09 2020

Green Getaways: Julian Abele Park

Did you know that Philadelphia has over 500 parks within a 10-minute walk anywhere in the city?


As Philadelphia moved into a restrictive green phase this past holiday weekend, we learned that many still aren’t comfortable sharing indoor spaces and continue to enjoy the many pockets of open green space in the city. This series will feature recommended green getaways and 2one5 designed park posters, courtesy of our quarantined team.


Our first stop is Julian Abele Park. Chosen for its cuteness and peacefulness, this hydrangea-lined park, located at 22nd St. and Carpenter St., was named after Julian Francis Abele, one of Philadelphia’s most prestigious architects.



On your way, swing by Ultimo Coffee down the street to enjoy a cup to go, pick up a bite at Los Camaradas across the street for an evening picnic under the lights, and once we are able to do so, attend an event hosted by the Friends of Julian Abele Park.



Julian Abele at a glance:
– Born and raised in Southwest Philadelphia
– First African American to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania AND Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art (now the University of the Arts)
– Lead designer of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Parkway Central Library, Duke University, and countless more institutions
– Known for his passion and appreciation for the arts from architecture to fashion to music
After passing in 1950, Abele was buried in Eden Cemetery – a place where African Americans could be buried with dignity and respect


Julian Francis Abele

Source: The Harvard Gazette


Philadelphia hosts millions of visitors every year to experience our city’s history and prestigious aesthetic. Julian Abele’s architectural legacy is a significant contribution to that aesthetic. We encourage Philadelphians and visitors to take some time to enjoy his namesake park – a pocket of understated natural beauty amidst the man-made wonders.


Now that we’ve got you thinking green, check out our next stop in the series, Pretzel Park.

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