Nov 14 2018

Go Guerrilla

Now that you’ve utilized your connections, and mastered the basics of social media, it’s time to test your creative side with guerrilla marketing.


Even if you haven’t heard of guerrilla marketing before, you’ve probably seen it. Guerrilla marketing is an innovative and unconventional marketing technique aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product at a low cost. Translation: it’s a cheaper, non-traditional, and unique form of marketing that involves doing really rad stuff.


The main attraction here is that guerrilla marketing is low-cost, making it the perfect marketing strategy for a young company that’s on a tight/non-existent budget.


Depending on your brand values, guerrilla marketing may be the missing piece you need to gain legitimacy and awareness among key customer groups. For years, companies have been using guerrilla marketing to catch people off guard and attract attention, especially from consumers who may not be swayed by traditional marketing. Let’s face it: it’s pretty easy to ignore a commercial, or 15 seconds of pre-roll before your favorite YouTube video, but it’s a lot harder to ignore a giant popsicle in the middle of the street.


Who’s doing it right? Here are a few strong examples:


BOUNTY: In 2009, Bounty took to the streets to show that no mess is too big for its products. Using the tagline “Makes small work of big spills”, Bounty created “messes” large enough to impress even the sloppiest toddler. Using giant coffee cup spills and massive melting ice pops, Bounty caught the attention of many passers-by in both Los Angeles and New York City as part of this unique guerrilla campaign.




IT: Much to the chagrin of locals, Pennywise from the movie “IT” has made his presence known in several Australian cities. By simple placing red balloons accompanied by brief messages on street drains, this guerrilla marketing stunt had people talking about the film, and generally freaking out. Even though the promoters of the movie were just clowning around (BOOM), this little marketing stunt went a long way, grabbing worldwide attention.




JEEP: As a brand built around rugged individualism and breaking barriers (both literal and otherwise), JEEP’s guerrilla marketing stunt created by Jay Conrad Levinson fits squarely within the company persona. Back in 2007, JEEP blanketed the Copenhagen streets with these unconventional parking spaces, showcasing how JEEP’s automobiles could go where others couldn’t (hopefully… no word on whether or not anyone actually tried to make use of the free spaces).




Whether it’s paying eager assistants to hand out flyers for your new business, catching people’s attention with unique street art, or organizing a flash mob in a crowded space, guerrilla marketing is a wallet-friendly and creative way to attract more attention to your brand. Via guerrilla marketing, the opportunity to channel your inner creative is wide open. Just make sure that whatever you are doing, whether it be street art, public performances, etc., follow relevant regulations and ordinances (unless you’re looking for a different type of attention).


The great thing about guerrilla marketing is that there are no boundaries, no rules, and you can basically do whatever you want. So if you think you have what it takes to play out an effective guerrilla marketing campaign, go for it. If you’re successful, your guerrilla marketing campaign could go viral and attract tons of new – and on-brand – brand advocates.

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