Apr 09 2020

🖕This 💩

There’s a lot of content out in the world right now about staying positive and finding the bright side. It’s important work and sorely needed in dark times like these. We’ve been writing it a bit ourselves. We are firm believers in making lemonade from lemons, and you won’t find anybody better at finding inspiration than we are.


But honestly, we think it’s time to give you permission to say 🖕this 💩.


It doesn’t need to be said that we are navigating a tremendously frightening landscape. If you are experiencing lost wages, unemployment, or job insecurity… if you or a loved one have become ill… if you are responsible for caring for someone high-risk… if you are experiencing a lack of access to essential goods and services… if you cannot stop working, but also cannot care for loved ones as a result… if you are unable to see your child or your parent and don’t know when you will… if you can’t stop worrying about anything and everything… if you are living through this right now, regardless of any privilege or advantage you may have lucked into in life, you are struggling with economic, medical, and emotional realities for which you never could have prepared. So consider the following:


It’s okay to be angry.


You do not need to be positive and ‘on’ all the time.


You are allowed to rage and grieve about your own situation…


…Even if you know other people who have it worse. 


…Even if you just know ‘of’ them.


Give yourself permission and time to process these feelings. When it helps again, you can go back to baking bread, watching funny YouTube content, streaming a favorite sitcom, or any of the other hundreds of things the Positivity Police (yes… us included) have been suggesting that you do to help make this time pass for you. It will all still be there and you’ll still be able to get your million bells in Animal Crossing, we promise.


For now, take a deep breath and scream at the top of your lungs if you want to. You are totally, completely, allowed.




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