Mar 14 2018

Retargeting Ads: Is this the end of it?

Retargeting ads are the kind of marketing that people usually find extremely creepy. When you’re on a site and after you exit the site, those same things that you just searched for appear in an ad on another web page or application. We see it commonly with eCommerce marketing campaigns. 




Primary research of being retargeted: I have never searched L.L. Bean products before, nor do I own them. The first photo is from searching L.L. Bean red shoes, and I got the Instagram ad on the right in my newsfeed a few hours later. This is retargeting.



Google searches can result in retargeting ads in Google ad placements, but they recently announced a game-changing feature that might put an end to the unwanted retargeting ads. Google is beginning the process of giving users the option to mute certain advertisers’ in settings. The muting will first apply to display ads on sites and apps, and eventually expand to search, YouTube, and Gmail ads.

In the past we have been able to mute singular Google display ads, as pictured below. From this feedback, billions have been muted for being irrelevant and has caused Google to remove some ads from their ad network entirely. Imagine the impact of this new feature…



It has not yet been decided by Google if advertisers will be notified of these user preferences but it’s very likely that advertisers will demand this information. Although if they are not provided with these insights, I’m sure they will be able to make conclusions through ad analytics.

Your consumer readers are probably reading this saying “yes, finally some privacy!” While advertisers are probably looking at the screen like,


Marketers and advertisers, what does this mean for your retargeting ad campaigns? It means you have to find ways to:


  1. Make your advertisements pleasant (not something someone will mute)
  2. Clean up your targeting tactics so that the ads are being seen by appropriate audiences
  3. Invest in other marketing channels


You can go two ways here:


  1. Be more transparent in your marketing – earn your consumers’ trust by being straightforward
  2. Resort to stealth marketing and jeopardize your integrity and consumers’ trust in your brand



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