Nov 08 2017

5 Tips For Effective Holiday Promotion

It’s always a fun time when the holidays roll around. Consumers are always looking out for deals and discounts online from companies during the holiday season. For businesses, it’s the time to utilize social media to promote their holiday content. Social media itself has the power to translate your message to your consumers, but it is also important to do so effectively. Thousands of companies are promoting their content on social media during the holiday season, so how can you ensure that your content will be discovered? Below are 5 ways to ensure effective holiday promotion.


1.) Creativity!

Your general “Happy Holidays from us!” won’t work anymore; it is no longer effective holiday promotion. This simple message is just one of the generic posts that could get lost in thousands of holiday messages from other companies. Get together a marketing team and think creatively. Utilize personalized content and use emotions to distribute your message during the holiday season in order to capture the right consumers. Dollar Shave Club, for example, is known for their viral commercial. In addition to the success, the company was also able to incorporate creativity into the making of their Holiday Shave Set promotions by being funny with high quality graphics yet staying true to the company’s culture.



2.) Emotions!

Just like being creative, incorporating the right emotions to your holiday content is just as important. Consumers are not looking for boring and generic content. They want to be able to incorporate their own feelings into content that are memorable and personable. It could be humor, sentimental, sad or happy. Putting emotions into your content can grasp your consumers’ attention more and lead to more effective holiday promotion.


3.) Plan!

Almost all social plannings can be done online nowadays. Tools such as Hootsuite and Facebook Ads can ensure your content to be planned ahead of time. Scheduling your posts early can ensure your company’s message are well thought out along with suitable graphics. You don’t want to wait until the day of the holiday to promote your content.


4.) Hashtags!

Oh, the power of hashtags! One main reason for anyone to use hashtags is to get discovered. One hashtag on your social post can attract hundreds to thousands of views. This is an effective way for companies to ensure their content get the most amount of exposure. Giggle, a baby-supplies retailer brand, utilized hashtags during the holiday season to promote their campaign. “For every baby photo posted with #shareagiggle the brand donated $1 to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation to help more babies find families.” ( Giggle successfully promoted the campaign through an effective and meaningful hashtag.



5.) Make Their Thumbs Stop!

Traditional holiday post with a picture may attract a few of your customers; however, your holiday content could gain a lot more attention if you create a personalized GIF or motion graphic for your online platforms. It is so easy to keep scrolling no matter if you’re on Facebook or Instagram. In order to make someone stops at your post, you can create effective GIFs that can allow your customers to stop scrolling and pay attention to your content. However, do not overdo it. One GIF or motion graphic per holiday season is enough to capture your customer’s attention if used effectively.


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