Jul 09 2019

Eating and Tweeting

When it comes to marketing in the food industry, social media is a huge piece of the puzzle. Here are a few restaurants that have cracked the code on how to maximize the medium and are using Twitter to its full potential to engage with – and appeal to – their consumers.


Reward Your Customers like Chipotle



You know what makes customers excited? Free things! Especially if those things are burritos. Chipotle’s hook is basic: give stuff away to its (nearly a) million followers. The brand routinely hosts contests called #ChipotleFreeting, giving its people a chance to win free burritos via Twitter. With these offers, Chipotle attracts followers who – regardless of whether they win or not – now have burritos, and the brand, on the brain.


Make ‘Em Laugh like Burger King



We are pretty sure that Burger King’s social media team got lost on their way to an open call at The Second City, because their tweets are pure comedic gold. Rather than limiting themselves to standard marketing promos and food photography, Burger King infused some personality into their content, making their Twitter a place where people go to for a good laugh. They are always posting interactive tweets to elicit responses from their followers and, hopefully, begin a quippy conversion. Using this method, BK is able to keep whoppers in the back of their followers’ minds without forcing it. It also adds a personal touch, giving personality to this global behemoth of a brand.


Let Others do the Talking like PhilaFoodie



If you can’t tweet about it yourself, let others do it for you, like PhilaFoodie. PhilaFoodie has over 21,000 followers on Twitter, and all of them want to know where and what he is eating. Through his amazing photos and mouth-watering captions, it is hard not to get hungry. Inviting such a person to your restaurant so that they can speak about it on their platform(s) is a very smart move. And suddenly, becoming a food blogger sounds very intriguing…🤤


And if all else fails… #FOOD



The craft of #hashtagging on Twitter is a very powerful business tactic if done right. Since hashtags enable the twitterverse to see all the latest tweets on a particular subject, they provide eateries the opportunity to highlight something specific to a pre-qualified audience. Crashing after lunch and looking for some local #coffee? Getting ready to head out for #brunch and can’t decide where to grab a table? Looking for a new #vegan dinner spot? Throw your hat in the right and get #hashtagging and those customers could be yours.


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