Aug 22 2014

Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

It’s all a web and we’re looking for the spiders. We’re talking about SEO here, Search Engine Optimization, and your website is a tiny part of that whole web, battling to get noticed via search terms. But canonicalization, black lists, linkbaiting, AJAX, … do these things have any real meaning? Does SEO really work?

In short, yes. It does. 93 of all online experiences begin at a search engine. And although there are animated GIFs and ads customized to your browsing history, 70 to 80 percent of us still those ignore ads, according to How are people finding you on the web?


“While it would be great if just having a nice website meant people were going to come to your site, that is hardly the case, especially in this day and age. Having a website and not investing in proper SEO can be a bit like spending the time to create a fantastic looking billboard but then placing it in the middle of the desert. What’s the point if people aren’t going to see it?” asks Matt Bush, president of Local Ecommerce Solutions.

Bush explains that traditional marketing is based on the model of ‘interruptive marketing.’ You’re driving down the road, and a sign interrupts the landscape. You’re watching a show, and a commercial interrupts the program. You’re reading a magazine, and an ad interrupts the article. And then there are those super annoying web pop ups that you can’t close without quitting your app.

In reality, web marketing is some of the most obnoxious out there, which is probably why it gets ignored. Search Engine Optimization is a way of bringing your message right to the people who are actively seeking it.

“SEO leads are hot by nature, and it makes sense when you think about it. Compare interruptive marketing to SEO. When someone sits down at their computer and says, ‘I am looking for a lawyer in Philadelphia,’ they are looking for a lawyer at that exact moment. Having your website rank at or near the top of those search results is huge,” adds Bush.

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative partners with Local Ecommerce Solutions because they understand how to reign in visitors. Bush works with businesses on both a local as well as global scale.

Now that the web is in its second decade of mass usage, it’s become easy to track people’s browsing habits, not to mention that visits to your website are very tangible and easy quantify.

“Another great benefit of SEO and online promotions in general is the ability to track everything. When you run an ad in the newspaper, it can be challenging to know how many people you are really reaching, but with online marketing, you have the luxury of tracking everything,” Bush adds, “You can tell exactly how many people are visiting your website, how long they stayed, where they came from, and more. It’s amazing.”

Yes it is. And apparently, it’s not just a lot of big words and bunk.

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