Jun 29 2016

Why to Choose a Custom Website Design Over a Template

An effective and informative website is a strong desire for most brands, but an even stronger desire is saving time and money. Unfortunately, when these two things meet, it usually results in designing that new website using a template. Don’t get us wrong, there are some very well-designed templates out there that look just fine, but none of them beat a custom designed website. Think about it, would you prefer a standard model home or a custom built house that has all the bells and whistles you need? Using a template is the model home that your brand would live in––nothing special. Metaphors aside, there are many benefits to custom website design and development over templates. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5.



One obvious benefit to a custom website is that it’s, wait for it…custom. You have complete creative control of layout, theme, and user experience, as well as the personality of the site giving it the exact look and feel to meet the creative vision. Personality is everything for a brand. The best, most beautiful website in the world won’t serve much better than a mediocre design with a brand personality that connects with the audience. A custom website tells consumers exactly who you are, what your brand stands for, and what it can do for them. A necessity for unique brands looking to stand out from the competition.


Designers can make any and all changes to a custom website on the fly, unlike templates which leave very few options at best and a broken site at worst. At that point you have a decision to make. Either leave it as is and move on, or start over using a different template. Just like that you’re right back at square one.



Believe it or not, you probably aren’t the only one to think that a particular template is perfect. It’s difficult enough to stand out from all of the websites in cyberspace, a task that keeps SEO companies in business. When people discover your website do you want it to look exactly like another company’s? Changing a color here or a header there won’t make the difference that a custom website makes. When designed specific to your brand, there will be no mistaking that it is one of a kind.



As the saying goes, “live by the template, die by the template,” or something like that. Most templates update automatically which can leave your site broken, glitchy, and disorganized.  That’s not to say there won’t be any problems with custom design. However, with custom you have complete control over updates and changes, so if any issues arise they can be corrected or adjusted accordingly.


Just like adaptability, scalability looks toward the brand’s future. All brands should have a vision of how they want to grow and develop over time, including their web site and online presence in the scope. A good web designer will take these visions into consideration while building the website and select technologies that will allow for easy growth and integrations.

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