Dec 21 2017

10 Events You Must Check Out at CES 2018

There are 18 days left until the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) begins at Las Vegas, NV. As their website states, “CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies”. Innovators, online influencers, and basically anyone who lives and breathes in the world of technology flies out to Las Vegas for this 4-day event.

To recap, CES 2017 included Amazon and Alexa, super thin TVs, new laptops, weird gadgets, self-driving cars, and more. This year, CES brings the “whoa” to its attendees by gathering over 3,900 companies and their innovative products. One of the hot topics this year is virtual reality and augmented reality. In addition to the exhibits, CES invited 12 influential keynote speakers from companies such as Time Warner, Hulu and Intel. Below are 10 events/conference sessions you should check out if you plan on attending CES in 2018.


Advertising, Entertainment & Content

VR/AR as a Branding Strategy (Jan. 8, 1-2pm)

“The advertising and VR/AR industry was a partnership waiting to happen. The immersive experience on all platforms, from smartphones and tablets to headsets and an array of holographic experiences may be the best relationship between brand and consumer ever. Devised.”


Virtual Reality Transforms Media (Jan. 8, 2:15-3:15pm)

“TV, news, sports and music are being transformed by VR/AR as both programming and advertising. Add 360 Video, a first generation mobile VR/AR that doesn’t require a headset to Google, Samsung, HTC and Oculus headsets and you have a phenomenon.”


Transforming Contextual Advertising and Media (Jan. 8, 11:30am-12:30pm)

“Media and the information they deliver are increasingly contextual. Some refine messaging more precisely than others, but the personalization of news, commentary, programming, advertising and commerce is plowing ahead. It is a fascinating mix of analytics, content, media and advertising.”


C Space Party (Jan. 8, 10:30pm-1am)

“Come celebrate and party with other influencers in media, marketing and entertainment at Las Vegas’ newest nightclub.”


C Space Storyteller: Google (Jan. 10, 9:30-10am)

“The age of assistance has created empowered consumers who are more curious, demanding, and impatient than ever. Join Google’s Allan Thygesen on how brands can win today’s consumers with more relevant, assistive and instant experiences.”



Self-Driving Exploration- Past, Present and Future (Jan. 8, 11:30am-12:30pm)

“NASA’s first launch didn’t reach the moon. In the quest for self-driving cars automakers are aiming for the autonomous moonshot.  Competition is accelerating between major car brands, tech companies and Tesla. What advanced tech is coming to our roads and when?”


Product Design & Manufacturing

Design Thinking for Your Business (Jan. 11, 10-11am)

This session focuses on the latest trends in design thinking. A panel made up of a diverse group of industries will explain how design trends are impacting their businesses and explore the intersection between consumer technology and consumer design.”


Robotics & Machine Intelligence

The State of Artificial Intelligence (Jan. 9, 9-10am)

This session will examine the state of artificial intelligence in 2018. We’ll discuss leading AI breakthroughs from various industries, where the technology is headed, and challenges that still need to be overcome.”


Building a Smarter Home with Alexa (Jan. 10, 10:15-11:15am)

“Customers already use their voice and Alexa to control smart devices in their homes millions of times each day. Learn how Alexa enables device makers to easily add voice control to their products to reach and delight more customers.”



From Smart Venues to Smart Cities (Jan. 9, 2:45-3:30pm)

“New stadium technologies are popping up every season, but what is the long-term impact of these innovations on the development of smart cities? Will these innovations help to accelerate smart city deployments?”


Do these events and conference sessions sound interesting to you? CES is open to those who are over the age of 18 and with affiliation with the consumer technology industry. With a jam-packed schedule, CES 2018 will be undoubtedly a fun and rewarding experience. You can register here.


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