Jul 18 2018

Champions Meet Here

18 teams. 22 venues. 23 days. The International Champions Cup (ICC) may be a series of friendlies, but it’s DEFINITELY not child’s play, on the field or behind the scenes.


Now it its sixth year, the ICC brings together Europe’s best futbol clubs (or soccer teams, if that’s your preference) for a series of matches in the US, Europe, and Asia. For the event’s organizers at Relevent Sports, that means generating and overseeing the execution of global, national, and local marketing campaigns that all come to a head in the same frantic 2-3 months. That’s no small feat, especially when you consider that the players participating in each game (that would normally headline similar marketing efforts) could change at any moment thanks to World Cup commitments or transfers.


[ 2 one 5 ] Creative was brought on to this project to help Relevent sell tickets for Philadelphia’s ICC match, scheduled for July 25 at Lincoln Financial Field and featuring two European champions, Juventus and Bayern Munich. Specifically, we were asked to flex our video production muscles and create a collection of Philly-specific video content that would resonate with a local audience.


Given the recent success of our hometown teams (Eagles and Nova, holla), the tournament’s tagline – “Champions Meet Here” – provided the perfect creative theme. Our team was off and running and, in a matter of weeks, created two full video suites.


The first collection, dubbed “Nothing Friendly”, applied fresh, localized messaging to existing footage.



The second, aptly named “The Champs are Here”, utilized a Philly drum line, authentic local scenes and icons, and cuts featuring the Eagles and Villanova celebrations to communicate that Bayern and Juve are the latest in a list of champs to set foot in the 215.



Watch, enjoy, and buy your ticket today – we’ll see you on the pitch! #ChampionsMeetHere


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