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The Challenge

Choosing a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions a pro athlete will make in his or her career. To help equip athletes to make that decision wisely, former wealth manager Courtney Altemus left Wall Street to found TeamAltemus.


TeamAltemus’ mission is to help athletes vet financial advisors, enabling them to spot potential red flags before it’s too late, and empowering them to make informed, strategic decisions.



As TeamAltemus strengthened their foothold in sports business, it needed a consistent brand more reflective of its industry-leading expertise, and a straightforward, powerful message.

The Approach

As most successful brand projects do, [ 2 one 5 ]’s engagement with Team Altemus began with a strategy. We talked extensively with TeamAltemus’ staff, researched the history of the industry, and spoke with sports business experts including player agents and sports businesses economists.


Then, we put together our take on the TeamAltemus brand, both as it stands today and where it may find itself as the model of college athletics transforms.


One of TeamAltemus’ key differentiators – its role as a totally unbiased “coach” – inspired the development of the creative direction the client ultimately selected. The direction utilizes a collegiate style font and textures from sport to allude to TeamAltemus’ experience in the field, and their primary audience.



The design was inspired by one of TeamAltemus’ mantras: “Positive stories only.” TeamAltemus takes that approach to heart, so we made a concentrated effort to thread that philosophy through all executions, from everything from photo treatments to presentation templates to social tactics.



TeamAltemus’ rebrand comes at a time when the NCAA has finally agreed to allow college athletes to capitalize on their Name, Image, and Likeness. During this unprecedented time, which will see college athletes making financial decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t encounter for years (if ever), the experts at TeamAltemus are perfectly poised to dramatically increase the volume of positive stories about athletes and finance.


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