Video Production

The Challenge

Nike News is the world’s source for all things Nike Inc. As the editorial arm of the footwear giant, their coverage encompasses products, collaborations, and initiatives across the Nike, Jordan, and Converse brands. Their global audience includes enthusiasts, partners, investors, and internal/external stakeholders.


When the Nike News editorial team was tasked with spotlighting the brand’s 20-year history of innovation in the trail running space, the brand tapped [ 2 one 5 ]. Our mission: to develop an animated timeline to showcase the history of Nike Trail Running. The final deliverable, a 1:00 minute animated timeline video, would autoplay for readers of the accompanying trail running news post.



The Approach

From the outset, this project was a true collaboration with the Nike News and Archival teams. Through Nike News, we acquired a manuscript outlining impactful dates throughout the history of the Nike Trail Running line. Our task was to wordsmith the content into digestible bites, which would appear in the animation.



Simultaneously, our animators began motion testing using assets from the Nike archive and placeholder text. Then, we began animating the timeline.



Early on, we found that the amount of content required to effectively tell the story of Nike Trail Running was not conducive to meeting the duration objectives set by the client.


To accommodate the amount of time it takes the average person to process information within a moving timeline, we identified that simplifying the movement and layers of the text within the animation, and removing some of the minutiae from the manuscript, would make it work.


The end result was an animated timeline that managed to be engaging without overcomplicating or overselling its content.



Our major takeaway from this project was that sometimes, less is more, especially with animations that involve lots of content. While it’s often tempting to flex our muscles, certain projects call for restraint. It’s a tightrope that [ 2 one 5 ] has become adept at walking.


The timeline animation was featured on March 3rd in the Nike News article “What’s New to Trail Running in 2020”, which garnered 36,000 views and has supported internal work through the running brand and retail brand teams. Our relationship with the client continues as they recognize the increasing demand for dynamic content. Stay tuned for our next collaboration with Nike News!


Nike News


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