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The Challenge

As the project management firm that counts some of the business world’s most modern structures among its $13B of capital projects managed, Macro competes – and consistently wins business – around the world, often against firms 10X its size.


Comcast Towers


Macro came to [ 2 one 5 ] Creative seeking a partner that would utilize a non-traditional approach to help elevate its brand and marketing materials (especially its website). After a handful of meetings and calls, the synergy – and mutual respect – between our teams was impossible to deny. And so, in short order, we were thrilled to find ourselves embedded in “Macro World”!


Macro Behind the Scenes


We asked, and were encouraged to, embed ourselves in the brand, learning everything we could about Macro’s philosophy, people, values, and strategy so we could do our part to help the company continue its swift evolution and expansion.

The Approach

One of Macro’s key differentiators is its precision: the company provides clients the exact services they need throughout the lifetime of a project. That element inspired our work with Macro, from both a procedural and a design perspective.


Macro Team Collaboration


Macro had completed a brand strategy exercise shortly before engaging with [ 2 one 5 ] Creative. So, rather than put them through our version of that process again, we instead focused on conducting one-on-one interviews and secondary research. That approach enabled us to gather the brand data we needed efficiently, and in a manner that was respectful of our client’s time.


We developed two potential creative directions for Macro’s consideration, with the client ultimately settling on a design and narrative centered around two core elements: the Macro “lens”, a visual device conveying the brand’s ability to bring both big-picture vision and minute attention to detail to any project…


Macro Style Guide


Macro Mobile Site


… and the shortening of the company’s logo to read “Macro”, rather than “Macro Consultants”. The removal of that single word (“Consultants”) reflected the reality that Macro no longer needed a “qualifier” – the brand and business were strong enough to stand alone. Removing “Consultants” also helped clear the way for Macro to shine a light on a variety of diverse new business lines beyond construction project management.


Macro Business Card


In total, this project included a full rebrand, logo design, comprehensive identity system, corporate suite, and the development of two websites.


Macro Brand Style Guide


Macro Website Tablet


Macro Request for Proposal


Implemented in March 2020, the rebrand freed Macro to attract and win new business from Fortune 100 brands, ramp up recruiting efforts, and (finally!) put forth a visual identity that reflects the company’s sophistication, reputation, dedication, and expertise. It also contributed to Macro truly going global via a blockbuster partnership with Savills, a commercial real estate giant and one of the world’s leading property agents. By adding Macro to its team of more than 39,000 strong, Savills markedly bolstered its project management capabilities and industry expertise, adding significant value for its clients.


Macro Website


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