Frankford Umbrellas

Branding Package

Branding & Strategy Video Production

The Challenge

Frankford Umbrellas was looking to increase visibility within the market and help define a true brand position, all while providing clientele with information of the unique and versatile line of products offered by their industry-leading company.

The Approach

After familiarizing ourselves with the industry as well as the company’s extensive product line and goals, both Frankford Umbrellas and [ 2 one 5 ] Creative agreed on devising three components that would create brand cohesion–a branded company catalog, a company introduction video, and a 15-part video series featuring marquee products.

Frankford Umbrellas - Fonts


Frankford Umbrellas - Colors


Frankford Umbrellas - Naming img

Name Development

In an effort to make all products sound more desirable, Frankford Umbrellas decided that it was time to rename their line of products. [ 2 one 5 ] Creative researched beach towns, exciting destinations, and other words relating to settings in which one would need an umbrella in an effort to make the association between the product and its intended use. This researched paved the way for the renaming of more than 10 products.

Frankford Umbrellas


With new product names in place, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative dove into the design of a catalog collateral piece. Knowing that this catalog was aimed at showcasing their diverse product line and increasing visibility in consumer market, it was imperative for this catalog to be both visually appealing and informative. [ 2 one 5 ] Creative built a catalog that focused on imagery and implemented specs in a way that was easily digestible for any viewer––whether it be a reseller or end user.

Frankford Umbrellas - catalog

Live Action

In an effort to introduce Frankford Umbrellas, the team, and their offerings, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative decided to produce an introductory video starring Frankford Umbrellas President, Marc Kaufer. Shot on location at their headquarters, this company video highlights their products, team, and overall operations atmosphere. [ 2 one 5 ] also integrated photos and videos of Frankford Umbrellas in their natural environments to show the variety of their intended uses.

Frankford Umbrellas - Company Video

Branded Video Series

Knowing that the unique features and benefits of a Frankford Umbrella are what sets them apart from the competition, [ 2 one 5 ] decided that a 15-video series, each showcasing a different marquee product, was the best way to highlight these features. The project involved a three day studio shoot, with [ 2 one 5 ] Creative’s full crew. In order to effectively represent the wide range of Frankford Umbrellas’ products, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative brought in talent and produced an original set design. Once all videos were produced and edited, [ 2 one 5 ] designed and animated motion graphics for each of the 15 videos to point out and draw attention notable key features.

Frankford Umbrellas - Branded Video Series


With their new branding package in place, Frankford Umbrellas is now armed with both digital and traditional sales tools that will create brand recognition, inform prospective clients, and ultimately encourage consumers to choose Frankford for all of their umbrella needs. Since the release of this brand package, Frankford Umbrellas has seen their busiest season in recent years.