Burton Snowboards

Protecting Self Expression

Branding & Strategy

The Challenge

Burton Snowboards wanted to gain market share and solidify brand recognition for their RED Protection brand while simultaneously focusing on the roots of the sport. Specifically, the brand needed to increase awareness while also portraying their product line as an integral part of general rider safety and rider individualitya trait Burton has maintained throughout their 40-year history.

The Approach

The project kicked off with the creation of a new tagline for RED Protection, one that ultimately led to the overall aesthetic of the campaign. The work done by [ 2 one 5 ] spawned a successful five-year relationship with Burton and the RED Protection brand and ultimately changed the game within the snowboarding industryplacing safety, style, and individuality at the top of the artistic mountain.

Burton Snowboard Fonts


Tagline Development

To attract new audiences, the RED Protection brand needed a tagline that resonated with snowboarders’ sense of action and awareness on the mountain. [ 2 one 5 ] created “Protecting Self Expression”a way to show riders that RED Protection was an extension of their creativity.


Protecting self expression print ad

Photography & Photo Retouching

Burton riders were photographed in hybrid photo-illustration settings for the catalog campaign, revealing each rider’s uniqueness and personal style on the slopes.



Photo composites of Burton’s top riders were put together for a series of advertisements to be featured in leading industry publications. Featuring a unique landscape format, the ads drew the attention of casual page-flippers and die-hard readers alike, consistently drawing attention to the brand and message put forth.

Burton Snowboard Ad


A cohesive branded dealer book, graphically enhanced helmets, exterior treatments, materials, trims, varnishes, and more were also developed by the team to further promote “Protecting Self Expression.” The dealer book continued on the same campaign trend, utilizing custom illustrations to convey both the product and rider’s individual spirits.


In this first year of the campaign, Burton’s RED Protection line jumped from 4th to 2nd in their industry as helmet sales increased 50% from the previous year. RED Protection held their place within the industry—gaining market share, continued sales momentum, and solid brand recognition in the process. With our help, RED Protection has made its mark within the snowboard industry and on riders.

“We hired the [ 2 one 5 ] Creative crew to work on the RED marketing plan back when I was a Brand Manager at Burton Snowboards. They concepted, directed, led, and created a very unique marketing campaign for the brand. They were personable, passionate, honest, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with.”

Whitney Shaw – Brand Manager, Burton Snowboards