Apr 18 2018

How to Brand Yourself Online

It’s been the case for a while now that we no longer need to shake hands in person to meet someone. The same goes for businesses: no longer do we need a brick and mortar store to meet a brand. That’s why how you brand yourself online is so important – your online presence is often how potential customers get to know you and respect your skills and knowledge (or not) without actually interacting with your business in person. Now that you know why branding is important, per our last blog and the first of our branding blog series, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on how to brand yourself online.


First, establish:


  • What are you hoping to get out of branding yourself online?
  • What’s the value that you will be providing to people who follow your online brand – what will they get?


These answers are good to write down and refer back to because they are important parts of your strategy that will potentially drive the decisions you make regarding your online presence. These decisions will drive perceptions and generate different levels of trust among your market. Their reactions to how you brand yourself online will determine the success and future of your company.


Find your channels

The internet is full of opportunity to get your voice out there. Opportunity channels include blogs, infographics, podcasts, vlogs, social media, and ebooks. Try out different channels through which you can establish your brand. Find one or a few that work best for you and focus on delivering quality content. Finding the right channels is key to successfully branding yourself online.



Develop your voice

Decide on your style and tone. Brands have personality, so take some time to think of the personality traits you’d like people to associate with your brand. This will be a huge part of your online content, both visually and through language. An easy-to-understand portrayal this concept is Wendy’s Twitter page. This is only part of their online branding, but Wendy’s started a trend of roasting people on Twitter. McDonald’s seems to be the main focus of their roasts. Wendy’s introduced humor, sass, and competitiveness to their brand personality, and got TONS of attention for their brand, using this approach.



Plug your channels

A good way to get more traffic to your content is simply by letting people know it exists! If you just posted new content, promote it on your social media accounts and link to previous content in your new content (just like how I linked our last blog in the beginning of this one). One important tip: Don’t go for the biggest following, rather, go for the best following. As we see with micro influencers, smaller but better followings get more engagement. With more engagement, your following will challenge your thoughts, and encourage you to create new content on topics they want to hear about.


Do SEM research

A quick Google search can show you what people want to know about in your area of expertise. For example, if you produce content on video production and want to find out what is highly searched on Google, then start to ask Google a question, and see what fills in.



Not only does this technique give you questions to answer, but it also provides you with keywords to put within your content, particularly written content. Google’s algorithm can pick up the words in your content and your content will rank higher in Google search results.


Lastly, look at your “competition”

Keep an eye on who’s talking about topics and industries similar to yours. It’s a great way to stay in the loop, and challenge yourself to get outside of your comfort zone. It is also good to be aware of trends because your goal should be to add to the content that’s already out there or to generate new content.


Always make sure to be consistent in EVERYTHING you create. This is a huge part of branding. Keep consistency in how often you post, when you post, and what you post.


Establishing your brand is not something that is going to happen instantaneously. Brands create relationships, and relationships take time to develop (just think of your personal life). To be recognized as an established brand will take time, so give people that time to see, and react to, what your brand is all about.


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