Jul 12 2018

What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality. The term sounds buzz-wordy, but what it represents is critical to your brand’s success.


Think of it like this: your brand is basically a person. It’s on social media, it’s on the ground, and it’s interacting with (actual) people every day. When customers think of your brand, they think of the face – and personality – that you are presenting to the world.


A strategically crafted personality is important because it exemplifies the ethos of your business, and the approach you take with your customers. It can entice customers, or push them away. It’s what will enable your brand to create emotional connections and building long-lasting relationship with your consumers. For those reasons, it’s vital for your brand personality to be a true, accurate representation of what your company stands for, and how you operate.


According to Stanford’s Jennifer Aaker, there are five core categories, or “dimensions”, of brand personality:


1. Sophistication: Sophisticated brands pride themselves on high quality, elegance, and wealth.



2. Excitement: These modern, spirited brands are full of bright, daring energy. They inspire consumers to seek out products.


3. Ruggedness: Rugged brands are outdoorsy, tough, and strong, appealing to people who want products they can count on.


4. Competence: Brands with competence-based personalities are reliable and consistent, and known as intelligent and aware.

5. Sincerity: Sincere brands are wholesome, and honest with customers in a way that is integral to who they are.



Even if you know exactly who your target market is, developing a personality that individuals in that category will interact with and relate to can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you get started:


Develop a List
Create a list of words that represent your brand. Once you have the list together, take a comprehensive look at these words and consider which of the 5 dimensions most closely aligns with the majority of your words.


Look to the Stars
It may be challenging to come up with a brand personality without inspiration. Think about people, places, and events that remind you of your brand and use those thoughts as a jumping off point.


Look Inside
It’s important to approach this exercise with an open mind, but it’s also critical to remain authentic. As you start to form an idea about what your brand personality is, look closely at your company philosophy, products, and people to make sure that personality is true to how you operate and who you are. It may look great on paper, but if you adopt a personality that’s too aspirational and that doesn’t align with your brand’s actions (akin to the phrase “do as I say, not as I do”), consumers will see right through it.


Stay Consistent
Once you decide on a brand personality, keep that personality consistent. Everything you develop and communicate should be developed with your brand personality in mind.
Keeping all of these things in mind, you should be able to uncover a personality that matches your brand, which will help you find the consumers that will be loyal and consistent.


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