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Insights   /  07.02.2020

A Few Good Reads

As the weather warms and the sun beams down, what is more fulfilling than reading a great book outdoors? Now that our city has gone green and we can once again relax at pools, parks, and beaches (always maintaining 6 feet of distance from others, please), it’s time to don that mask, grab a tome, […]

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A Mixture of Vibes   /  06.29.2020

That’s the Spirit!

Don’t let quarantine put you in a drink rut! Check out what our team is sipping on during the summer months.   Vodka – A Blank Slate Spirit Blueberry Lemon Fizz Vodka Tonic Bitter Orange & Cardamom Martini   Tequila -Light & Bright Classic Margarita Spicy Strawberry Basil Margarita Los Altos   Gin – Botany […]

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Blog Post   /  06.23.2020

Bar to Backyard

We would like to dedicate this first part of the series to Pride Month and to establishments we would typically frequent this time of year.   Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall Riots, brings recognition to the LGBTQIA community, and allows the community to celebrate themselves and loved ones in the most colorful ways possible. With […]

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Insights   /  06.18.2020

157 years, 5 months, and 18 days

So you don’t know what Juneteenth is, and you’re not sure it’s okay to ask. You aren’t alone, but since the last thing our Black communities need right now is to enlighten the majority about a significant historic event that we SHOULD have learned by the eighth grade, let’s educate ourselves together.   If you’re […]

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Insights   /  06.15.2020

The Activism of Keith Haring

Home to many queer landmarks, Philadelphia was, and is, an integral part of the movement towards equal rights for LGBTQIA people. One of our favorite artists – Pennsylvania-born Keith Haring (1958-1990) – famously graced our fair city with his unforgettable mural “We the Youth” at the corners of 22nd and Ellsworth Streets.   What many […]

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Insights   /  06.08.2020

Love in Queerantine

Eight contestants. Four states (to be real though, mostly Philly). One question: Quar you the one?   Despite the usual challenge of almost no queer representation in dating shows and the new challenge of even going outside (thanks, COVID), new social-media based reality dating dramas have begun popping up to rise to the occasion.    […]

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Insights   /  06.05.2020

We will keep this brief, because ours is not the voice that needs to be heard.   For those of us who are learning, please allow us to share with you this list of resources and media that we found useful in educating ourselves in allyship:   Films / Documentaries 13th When They See Us […]

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Events   /  05.29.2020

In Philadelphia, Live Comedy Lives On

Hey, here’s a joke:   Two tall men walk into a bar… no, no… two ​small​ men walk into… nope… two ​very medium men wal… now, how the hell does that go again? You know what, I’ll stop trying and leave the jokes to the comedians.   They’d love to tell you one; all you […]

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Insights   /  05.26.2020

Game Time

The phenomenon of “comfort TV” is getting plenty of air time these days. For the uninitiated: the premise is pretty simple. Viewers are flocking to reruns of classic shows (often comedies – The Golden Girls, The Office, Friends, etc.) because those shows’ predictability provides a sense of security and calm. In today’s (very) unsecure world, […]

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Crazy Positive Advice   /  05.18.2020

Horribly Helpful Ways to Not Touch Your Face

#5 –  Try to not grow out your sh**ty facial hair [for men, mostly]. Sure, isolation is probably the opportune time to really give this whole manly wilderness thing a shot. But it does invite a lot of hand-to-face interaction. The itching, the scratching, and the creepy petting will set you back.    Oh, and […]

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Events   /  05.14.2020

National Nurses Week 2020

As National Nurses Week 2020 wraps up, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative is privileged to reflect on conversations we’ve had with the nurses in our lives. Through these conversations with nurses of all experience levels, a major theme was revealed: that being a nurse is something that doesn’t turn off. RN Karen Papanier said […]

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Crazy Positive Advice   /  05.11.2020

Horribly Helpful Ways to Stay 6ft Away from Someone

#5 – Make a face mask that reads “if you can read this, you’re too close.” Clever. Stern. Cute? As soon as the offending shopper reaches the end of your sentence, they’ll be sure to take two steps back now y’all. Hell, they may even go home and make one for themselves. Sometimes words speak […]

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Quarantine Cookbook   /  05.07.2020

Takeout Tonight

When we set out to explore what foods people are missing the most, and how to go about replicating those experiences at home, we quickly discovered that it’s not just about the food. What we’re missing most is the experience of dining – and drinking – out. So before we dive into some of the […]

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Crazy Positive Advice   /  05.04.2020

Horribly Helpful Ways to Keep Busy

#5 – Try judging a book by its cover, reading it, then changing your opinion about that book.  Let’s just say you have Old Yeller laying around. At first glance, you tell your wife “eh, this book may be a bit much.” By the time you reach page 128, you’ll learn that it’s not a […]

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Quarantine Cookbook   /  04.30.2020

Breakfast Favorites

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Who really cares? The foods we typically think of as breakfast foods are delicious, satisfying, and inexpensive. More importantly, they are actually super easy to replicate at home. Let’s take advantage of limited prepackaged foods and make our own breakfast (or breakfast-for-dinner) – sans preservatives!   […]

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