Jun 23 2020

Bar to Backyard

We would like to dedicate this first part of the series to Pride Month and to establishments we would typically frequent this time of year.


Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall Riots, brings recognition to the LGBTQIA community, and allows the community to celebrate themselves and loved ones in the most colorful ways possible. With 60+ street signs and crosswalks colored with the identifiable rainbow symbol marking its territory, the Philadelphia Gayborhood houses many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that allow LGBTQIA members to feel safe in their own skin.


Tavern on Camac
Housed on the site of one of Philadelphia’s first queer bars, Maxine’s (circa 1920’s), Tavern on Camac is a one stop shop for a fabulous night out. Starting from the ground up (literally), T.O.C houses: a subterranean restaurant serving American fare, a street level piano bar for sing-a-longs and classy vibes, and an appropriately named nightclub, Ascend, on the second floor. The Tavern Group has adapted beautifully to our current climate by offering their best bites to go, cocktails for the road (“walk tails”), and live performances on their social media channels for those who miss belting out their favorite numbers. Order a walk tail and tune in to the live shows on their Instagram and Facebook.


Bob & Barbara’s Lounge
This cash-only joint is home to the Crowd Pleasers sweet jazz sounds; Philly’s longest running drag show, running every Thursday for the past 25 years; and “The Special” – a Philadelphia staple that has been breaking the age-old rule of mixing your alcohols since 1994. While their doors may be closed, their hearts are open and missing the lively crowds cheering on Miss Lisa Lisa and the pretty much nightly live bands and DJs. How can you support Bob & Barbara’s? Contribute to Bob & Barbara’s Employee Relief GoFundMe and keep sipping on PBR and Jim Beam until you can return once again.


From the chic pink Globar to the Rosewood cocktail lounge, Woody’s five unique rooms provide a safe setting for everyone to wear what they want, dance how they want, and be who they want. No longer wanting to live in the shadows, Woody’s was the first LGBTQIA bar in Philadelphia to have windows (its predecessors were windows-free in an effort to keep whereabouts and actions secretive). But it’s no secret Philadelphia has loved Woody’s since it opened in 1980, and has missed the venue since quarantine began.


It may be awhile until we can return to our favorite spots and watch our city’s brightest and boldest performers, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating. Pride month is not just about the parades and rainbow flags – it’s about remembering, honoring, and thanking those who fought for the right to love.


Join us in celebrating Pride by engaging in one of the following: whip up the cocktail below, watch Philly Gay Pride’s 2020 Virtual event, Zoom with Pride, attend Club Quarantine; or celebrate how you know best – LOUD AND PROUD!


Rainbow Rum Slushy


-1 (20-oz.) box freezer pops, assorted flavors, frozen
-4 oz. Spiced rum
-Fresh fruit skewers, for garnish


1.) Unwrap frozen pops and separate by colors into 8 small bowls. Add ½ oz. of rum to each bowl. Use a fork to break apart the pops and create a slushy mixture. Place all bowls in the freezer for at least 10 minutes.

2.) When ready to serve, divide slush mixtures between 2 (8-oz. each) glasses. Garnish each with a skewer of fresh fruit, if desired.


Fill your fridge and bar cart with these LGBTQIA supported brands and check out where you can support local LGBTQIA owned and supported businesses.



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