Jan 08 2020

Anniversary Spotlight: Jonathan Finnegan

Wow. Where do we begin? Rad is the first word that comes to mind, but it doesn’t do him justice. 


Jonathan Finnegan, aka Finn, has been at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative for just about a decade now as one of our boss web developers. He’s been building things on the internet since 1998, and has a special interest in projects dealing with front end development (i.e., HTML, CSS, jQuery), PHP, and Custom WordPress Developments. We’ve been lucky enough to have him work on a variety of projects with our team since 2011, and this month will be his first anniversary as a full-time team member!


Senior Operations Manager Dana Marie Hough says that “Finn is a pillar of culture at [ 2 one 5 ]. Everything about him — from his clothes, his hobbies, to even the lighting in his home is indicative of an independent mind, a unique talent.” We couldn’t agree more. From designing, coding and modifying client’s websites, to maintaining functionality and creating an appealing layout in a user-friendly design, Finn crushes it each and every time. 


However, that’s not all that he does, not even close. Finn is a man of many talents, with crazy cool hobbies he loves to do on the side when he’s not in the office like skateboarding and being a part of the Mummers! That’s right – every New Year’s Day, Finn gets dressed in one of those elaborate costumes and partakes in the oldest folk festival in the United States. The parade has been broadcast live since 1993 on WPHL-TV and Finn’s been part of the tradition for thirteen years. 


Finn has been a skateboarder since he was a kid and still rolls around as much as possible. Back in the early 90’s he released a local skate ‘zine with his brother, which eventually evolved into a multi-user skateboarding website that served as an open forum for the skateboard community. This was at a time before Facebook’s dominance on the web, where Finn started a path of fostering his passions into a profession.


Finn is also a DJ, playing everything from local bars, to weddings, to private parties. This passion led to the creation of his small DJ Apparel brand, thisDJLife.com. He’s also made his mark in the DJ community by developing a custom XML code to create different effects available on different MIDI Mappable devices that he’s released on his website, djhaveboard.com


Nikolas Greenblatt, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of [ 2 one 5 ] Creative says, “I am personally super stoked to celebrate Finn’s 1-year anniversary and looking forward to many, many more. His innovation, exploration and his unique style are all things that are vital to the agency’s continued success.”


Happy one year to Jonathan Finnegan, a man of many hats…seriously, you should check his closet.

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