Dec 28 2020

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in 2020

Nobody needs a primer on what kind of year this has been, and we are as eager as anyone to see the end of 2020. But as we look back, we find that we have come away with three clear insights on success in trying times.



When budgets and deliverables get slashed, it’s tempting to phone it in. But at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative, the work always comes first. Amidst social unrest and a global pandemic, we launched new brands like Team Altemus


Team Altemus Rebrand


…shot and edited some great videos



…and helped some long-term partners through their own unexpected changes with design, messaging, and digital solutions.



The consistent quality of our work is a point of pride that sustained our clients’ faith in us–not to mention our creative team–throughout the year.



Evolution is key. As the year’s many challenges disrupted global supply chains and altered safety protocols, production timelines and costs grew significantly. In response, we dug in. We took a hard look at video production, establishing strict COVID-19 safety protocols to limit exposure risks. We expanded our animation offerings to keep video and motion projects on track when filming was dangerous. Print and merchandise production management, services for which we’d occasionally used external partners, came 100% in-house. And as digital presence became the ONLY kind of presence that mattered, we began to offer our clients SEO/SEM analysis services. Looking internally to keep products in reach for our clients ultimately expanded our own brand offerings – a big 2020 win.



It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one wants to play with you. Since our founding, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative has been committed to being a partner, a friend, and the most fun meeting of your week.


This year, all the time and energy we put into cultivating those relationships paid off in a very tangible way. Despite the worst economic conditions–recession, unemployment, and total uncertainty around the globe–we maintained a sustainable flow of business through our existing client roster. They chose to work with us again, and even recommended us to colleagues and partners. Clients like Macro, Nike, AmeriGas, Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board, and Spear Street Capital helped keep our doors open (and we, in turn, doubled down on our efforts to keep their creative on-point.)


We’d love to have an opportunity to put our 2020 education to work for you in the new year. (Until then, let’s all revel in finally putting this damned year behind us!)


Emily Huddell
Vice President, Brand Development



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