Jul 31 2018

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At [ 2 one 5 ] Creative, we don’t just work in Philly. We LOVE Philly. We ARE Philly.


Philadelphia is where we live, play, and generally have a great time. We are obsessed with the city’s eclectic and exciting blend of music, culture, food, and more. Here are just a few of the spots in Philly that the team loves, some of which you may already frequent yourself and some of which are a bit off the beaten path…


1. Italian Market


The slightly lesser known cousin of the renowned Reading Terminal Market, the Italian Market is just as lively and exciting. Full of classic Italian fare and an incredible array of fresh produce and meat, you can catch the [ 2 one 5 ] Creative team here grocery shopping, shooting film, or simply enjoying the smells.



2. Mütter Museum


The Mütter museum is definitely a Philly oddity. Full of medical anomalies and tons of other wacky stuff, the museum features crazy exhibits that would never make the cut anywhere else. Check out collections that include slides of Einstein’s brain, consider what it means to be human, and try not to get too queasy along the way.



3. Stephen ‘Espo’ Powers’ Love Letter Murals



Though technically not a singular location, this train tour is too cool not to mention. For the past nine years, this experience has exposed visitors to a collection of over 50 inspiring murals. The story of the tour is love: for the city, for each other, and for home.


4. The Moon Tree


It’s a tree… from the moon! Okay, not really. This is actually the second ‘moon tree’ in the area, a clone of the original created in 2011 after its predecessor died. The tree was the first of its kind, planted using seeds that Stuart Roosa brought to and from space. Small but mighty, the moon tree is quite a feat.


5. The Book Trader


Packed with used books for every taste, it’s hard not to fall in love with The Book Trader. With rooms dedicated to old vinyl records, VHS tapes, and hard-to-find volumes, this store is close enough to the office that you might find a rogue [ 2 one 5 ] Creative staff member roaming the aisles during lunch.


6. Pizza Brain


Pizza Brain is both museum and restaurant, i.e., the best kind of museum if we do say so ourselves. Enjoy a piece of history and pepperoni. We’ll stop with the puns for now, but don’t miss this slice of life.



7. Hop Sing Laundromat


Despite the name, don’t go bringing your clothes to the Hop Sing Laundromat. In fact, while you’re there, make sure to dress nicely, and don’t take pictures, as those are just a couple of the rules that have to be followed at this speakeasy. With a “banned for life” list of 1,700 unfortunate souls (and counting!), make sure when you stop by that your group is cleared for entry. Once you’re in, enjoy amazing drinks, and live in the moment (there’s no wifi either).


8. Tattooed Mom


As you might guess from its name, Tattooed Mom isn’t lacking for personality. It is vibrant and fun, with crazy decor and amazing food to match. The menu includes vegan and vegetarian versions of their popular items, making it the perfect place to go even if it’s not Meatless Monday. Don’t be fooled into thinking Tattooed Mom is just a bar – with arts and crafts events, comedy showcases, and DIYs frequently featured, it’s simply the place to be.



Each one of these places has its own distinct personality and provides a completely different experience that contributes to the cultural melting pot that is the Philly scene. So, don’t sleep on these quirky and fabulous destinations. Grab your cameras, your friends, and your stomachs and come to experience Philly, [ 2 one 5 ] Creative Style – we promise, you’ll love it.



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