Jan 24 2019

New Year, New Interns

Time to usher in our first crop of 2019 interns. Madeline, Chloe, Jordan, and Evan, welcome to radness!

From the little town of Bethlehem, PA, Madeline Heenan joins the [ 2 one 5 ] Creative team as a Video + Motion Intern to assist with any and all aspects of our video production business that could benefit from a fresh perspective. Madeline is in her last semester at Temple University and will graduate with a dual major in Film Studies and Art History in the spring.  



Madeline is passionate about becoming a visual storyteller and putting her ideas in motion. She feels strongly that filmmakers who bridge the gap between art and film offer their audiences a more thoroughly immersive, emotional experience. Her influences include John Peter Russell, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick. In her free time, Madeline enjoys travelling, roller skating, watching sports, visiting museums, and spending time with her dogs.


Chloe Johnson, one of [ 2 one 5 ] Creative’s Design Interns, is another Temple Owl (they’re flocking our way!). Having recently concluded her senior season as a proud member of the Temple University field hockey team, Chloe is stoked to spend some time with our creative team and put her Advertising major, Fine Art minor, and unique visual aesthetic to use.  



Combining her love of athletics with her design stills, Chloe has helped Temple University Athletics develop creative marketing strategies for the basketball and football teams. She also contributes to the city’s booming public art scene, having assisted local artist Meg Saligman in executing large scale public art pieces.


From Iowa to Philly by way of West Chester University, Jordan Muir employs both her Marketing degree and Psych minor in her role as Marketing Intern, supporting our team with social media, business development, and everything in between. She is fascinated by the intersection of psychology and marketing and looks forward to harnessing her knowledge of both to build powerful campaigns. After all, emotion drives brand success!



Soon after graduating, Jordan made her way to Philly to explore new opportunities, kickstart her marketing career, and to be closer to the good stuff – food and music. When she isn’t assembling a puzzle or scribbling in her idea notebook, Jordan is cooking, practicing yoga, binge watching home improvement shows, or going for walks to learn the city’s nooks and crannies, admiring the doors as she goes.


Rounding out our 2019 Winter/Spring intern class is Evan Wickersham, Design Intern. Evan brings a diverse skill set to the table – this jack-of-all-trades is an advertising student at Temple University in the copywriting track,  but has expertise in graphic design, fashion and textile design, and social media marketing.



Evan aspires to bring ideas to life – in his words, “essentially eating, sleeping, and breathing to create.” He draws inspiration from different time periods and the movies, music, and pop culture associated with those eras. He spends his free time flipping through vintage magazines or books, consuming the culture of the past.


It’s not too early to think about joining our Summer 2019 Intern crew – apply today and join the radness!



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