Dec 17 2020

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative Takes the Gold at the 2020 Addy Awards

When Spear Street Capital approached [ 2 one 5 ] Creative looking for a partner to help bring the story of Arborcrest to life, we jumped at the opportunity. Spear Street’s vision for a campus combining work and play was something new to the Philadelphia region. Our creative team was inspired by the company’s passion to make this vision a reality.



“Working on the coffee table book for Arborcrest was exciting, challenging, and fun,” said Shaun Baron, the designer that took the helm of the project at [ 2 one 5 ]. “The client trusted us and provided lots of creative freedom. This gave us the opportunity to experiment with design and create something we felt was special.”



With an identity system already in place at the start of the project, Arborcrest provided a great foundation for us to build upon. The coffee table book was the perfect way to publicly showcase this identity while also educating viewers about everything their campus offers.



“One of the highlights of this project was seeing our creatives take inspiration from Arborcrest’s nature-related brand elements – textures, patterns, language, etc. – and incorporate them so uniquely into such a wide range of marketing materials.” said Emily Huddell, Vice President of Brand Development at [ 2 one 5 ]. “The time we spent on Arborcrest’s campus really helped us absorb the intricacies of the brand, and I think that’s reflected in the final pieces. This project was a fun one for our team.”



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