Nov 12 2018

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative on Mid90s

Whether you grew up skateboarding or not, you’ve probably heard about Jonah Hill’s debut film “Mid90s”. Mid90s is one of the first films about skateboarding in the mainstream that has not been a letdown to the skateboarding community. Yes, you heard that correctly: Jonah Hill made a film based around skateboarding. The film is by no means corny or unrealistic – actually, it’s an excellent interpretation of growing up as a skateboarder in the 90s. From everything from gritty dialogue to an awesome soundtrack, the film covered all angles. Hill himself even stated, “Skateboarding has always been butchered on film, so I wanted to show homage to such an amazing culture that was a big part of my life.” Hill definitely did not let us down, as many professional skateboarders such as Torey Pudwill and Josh Kalis have written on social media that they loved the film.




Just like many aspects of marketing, advertising, and design, skateboarding is a creative outlet that allows an individual to express him or herself in a unique way. There are no rules to follow, coaches to listen to, or boundaries to stay within. Skateboarding is 100% expressive, and this is what makes it amazing. It is also no surprise that many skateboarders and action sports athletes are creative in other ways. For instance, Neen Williams, a professional skateboarder for Deathwish Skateboards and Stance Socks, has one of the best heelflips in the game… and personally illustrates many of his own professional graphics.



Even [ 2 one 5 ] Creative’s own founder, Nikolas Greenblatt, has a background in action sports. Said Nik, “Counterculture and action sports have always been a part of my life. It was no surprise to me that after growing up skateboarding, and having a career in snowboarding, that I would end up working as a creative.” This idea is also present in Mid90s. “Ray”, the talented skater who wants to make a career out of skateboarding, and “Fourth Grade”, who uses his creativity to film and edit skateboard videos of his friends, are just a few of the examples Mid90s brings us to show that skateboarding is a world filled with creative minds.



Beyond being a unique and creative outlet for many to express themselves, skateboarding brings people together, and Jonah’s film does an amazing job of proving just that. In the skateboarding world, being white, black, Hispanic, poor, or rich is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that you’re a skateboarder. The film excellently showcases how skateboarders from all ages, different families, and diverse cultural backgrounds often create a family of their own. The main character of the film, a young skater named Stevie played by 13 year old Sunny Suljic, skates in his personal time as well. Said Sunny during one of his press run interviews, “In skateboarding, there is no age.”


In a world where counterculture and against-the-grain advertising/ marketing is becoming more popular, it makes sense that a gritty film like Mid90s has reached such a mainstream audience. It has already impacted its viewers, and opened peoples’ minds to the idea of counterculture and the diverse lifestyle it portrays. It showcases how skateboarding is a journey with no boundaries, which can easily be compared to the advertising and marketing world. Skateboarding is simply amazing, and everyone can learn from the creative spirit it embodies.



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