Feb 06 2017

The More Meaningful the Better – Super Bowl Commercials 2017

Super Bowl advertisements are usually ranked in greatness by how long we are doubled over with laughter. But in 2017, it looks like many of the brands we love aimed to appeal to something else within us, our humanity, which made us love them even more. These meaningful commercials were the ones that stood out as the greatest in our minds, and the commercials that solely appealed to our humor fell to the wayside this year.


Airbnb really tugged on our heartstrings with their #WeAccept commercial. With the immense political controversy that America is experiencing, this commercial’s aim was to show that everyone is welcome and belongs in America regardless of their skin color, who they love, or their beliefs.



Audi’s commercial “daughter” shows support for another issue that there has been a ton of buzz about since Women’s World Cup in 2015, equal pay for equal work. Everyone that is a daughter, has a daughter, or does not can relate to this commercial.



Coca-cola re-aired a commercial that first ran in 2014. This timeless or very timely (depending on which way you look at it) commercial illustrates the long-standing idea that America is beautiful because we are a multicultural melting pot.



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